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Water Therapy : Benefits, Myths and Facts

Water therapy is a practice of drinking water in a very particular way to obtain it’s supposed benefits.

It is most prevalent in Japan, and most people call it Japanese water therapy.

Those who practice it claim that it can claim various diseases and elements if done correctly.

Let’s talk about it in detail;

How to do water therapy?

Step 1 – Drink 300 Ml of room temperature water as soon as you wake up.

Step 2 – Brush your teeth.

Step 3 – Wait at least 45 minutes before you eat and drink anything.

Step 4 – You can eat your meals for 15 minutes at a time, at max.

Step 5 – Maintain a gap of 2 hours between anything you eat or drink.

Claimed Benefits of Water Therapy and duration

Digestive Issues – 10 to 15 days
Diabetes – 30 to 45 Days
Hypertension – 30 to 45 Days
Cancer – about 200 days

Rules for Practicing Water therapy

Abstain from drinking cold water as it can solidify the fats that you consume in the digestive tract and esophagus. Which poses various other risks to your health.

Reduce your salt intake as it can potentially retain water in your body.

Water Therapy Fact Checked

Our body is 75% water. It helps our body to function smoothly. So that makes it essential that you stay hydrated.

Because of this deep water expel, you may also achieve some weight loss that could be temporary. As soon as you stop drinking enough water

Other than that, we dont believe that it can cure diseases like diabetes, hypertension, or cancer.

However, as soon as you start staying hydrated, you may experience the following benefits from water therapy.

Complete Detoxification

As you would start drinking more water as you usually do, your body will begin flushing extra water. At the same time, your bladder gets accustomed to that extra dose of water.

As it does so, it will also flush out toxins from your body, which leads to clear skin and shiny hairs.

Improved digestion

Happy Digestive Organs

Drinking an adequate amount of water will help your system absorb minerals and nutrients from your diet. With proper absorption in place, it becomes easier for your mitochondria to break down the food to produce energy. As a result, your digestion improves.

Suppresses Hunger

Drinking enough water will make you feel fuller for longer. As you would be restricting your eating to 15 mins with 2 hours gap, it will prevent you from consuming those extra calories.

As a side effect of this, you may experience weight loss.


Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for my disease. And, sometimes, it goes undetected because it is one of the most overlooked parts of diagnosis.

But as soon as you start providing enough water to your body, it will start functioning as the way it should.

Final Words:

Water therapy may be useful to put your hydration in order and achieve some temporary weight loss. But there is no scientific evidence that it aids in the treatment of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

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