When Should You Take A Fat Burning Supplement?

Fat burner time


YOU know how many types of fat burning supplements are there in the market.

YOU have dissected their ingredients and found out the best suitable for you.

So, finally, decided to go for a fat burner of your CHOICE, right?

But do you know WHEN you should take them?

…probably in the morning, before or after the workout?

…Or, in the evening or maybe in the middle of the day?

If you have such questions pricking your head, let me tell you: I have the answers!

Yes, let’s check out the detailed guide.

When to Take a Fat Burner?

See, the ideal time to take a fat burner hugely depends upon the ingredients it contains and their effect on your metabolism.


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This rule is for the class of supplements that are Appetite Suppressants.

Taking an appetite suppressant 30 minutes or an hour before helps you reduce the amount of food you consume in a meal.

Appetite suppressing fat burners provides you satiety; because of this, you feel fuller and consume fewer calories.

You should consider taking appetite suppressing fat burners before taking your meal.


Generally, fat burners are a composition of several active chemical compounds that are helpful for your body.

While they are beneficial for reducing some fat layers—it becomes a blunder when you have an existing disorder with your digestive system.

If you have any issues such as an upset stomach, gastric ulcer, or a GI infection, taking a fat burner on an empty stomach invites a range of risk factors.

Using one such regularly for an extended period may land you up into issues such as stomach cramps, intestinal discomfort—which puts extra stress on intestines. As a result, though rare, on long-term you may end up with ulcerative colitis!

And, by showing you the downsides no way I am advocating that you should take a fat burning supplement with a sizzling calorie-packed meal! NO!

The rule is simple: your stomach shouldn’t be empty while taking the supplement.

Even a small serving of some green veggies or maybe a slice of toast with an omelette is enough. This rule is to protect the gastric linings in your stomach from the possible harsh effects induced by the ingredients of the fat burner.


Fat burners work the best when taken early in the morning alongside with some light snacking. As I said above, make sure you are not on an empty stomach.

The stimulants present in a fat burning supplement gives you an instant boost of energy. It will help you get rid of the feeling of dullness and the urge for sleeping more.

An add-on benefit is—increased energy levels in the morning will help you kick yourself out of bed quickly to start your day with some excellent workout.

Fat burning supplements containing appetite suppressants help you eat less further at the time of breakfast.

On the other hand, some fat burners do what—elevates the rate of your natural metabolism. This type of supplement will help you burn more calories through the day.

Should You Take a Fat Burner Before Jumping Into Bed?

You must be knowing this already: most of the fat burners contain caffeine as an active substance in their composition.

Caffeine is a stimulant. You will feel an instant spike in energy levels as you consume it.

This extra energy from caffeine will make you feel restless and will affect your natural sleeping schedule.

You will feel active, and ultimately, it’ll take longer before you begin to fall asleep.

The stimulating effects of caffeine last up to 4-6 hours in your body and the first two hours have the maximum impact.

Unless you are doing some exercise in the evening, taking a fat burner too late in the day should be avoided.

Can You Take Them While You Are Sitting Idle?

Sitting idle means you are at rest. Your body doesn’t burn many calories when you are off from physical activity.

Here, to burn fat, you need to trigger the process of thermogenesis. By taking thermogenic fat burners, you can achieve this.

While you are taking such a supplement at rest, you have to be cautious about the servings and portion size of your meal.

Remember: the ultimate goal is to eat less while burning more.

Could You Take Fat Burners as Your Pre-Workout Supplements?

Though fat burners and pre-workout supplements are different in compositions, some prefer to use stimulant-containing fat burners as pre-workouts.

This is mostly because of the caffeine present in the fat burners.

The energy from caffeine stimulates your workout periods, makes you feel less lazy, and boosts your metabolism. Thus, your endurance during workouts increases, and it becomes easier for you to burn some extra calories in a short time.

However, pre-workout supplements are there for a purpose; replacing them with a fat burner isn’t a good idea in the long-term.

Final talk!

The best time for taking a fat burner depends upon various factors such as the type of supplement, the intensity of workouts and majorly your goal.

There isn’t any fixed ideal time to take a fat burning supplement. You have to figure out the ingredients they contain, their effects on your body and what you want to achieve by taking them.

As I said in the post, you must decide the ideal time for consuming a fat burner as per your meal timings, workout and sleep schedule.

Another essential thing to remember is: never take a fat burner when your empty stomach. It may cause some adverse effects on your digestive system.

Written by herbalfoo staff

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