Skin Care Routine Everyone Should Follow : Skin Care 101

No matter what your skin type is, if you take care of it and give regular attention, the benefits are amazing. Everyone one should have a daily skin care routine after all skin is the integral part of our identity.

Facial skin is thin and delicate compared to any other part on our body. If you know your skin type, then proceed straight to the steps or you can use our guide to find out your skin type.

Basic Skin Care Routine : Step By Step

Step 1: Cleanse Regularly

Cleanse your skin after waking up and before going to bed. Make sure that you use safe and trusted organic products only. This should be the first step in your skin care routine.

My advice is to go for homemade natural cleanser, so you can be sure that you are not applying anything harsh on your skin.

If you prefer to use oil based skin cleanser, make sure to clean up any makeup before applying it and once you are done cleansing use a washcloth to remove all traces of cleanser. You can use washcloth for removing makeup too. Make sure to gently pat the skin dry, instead of rubbing.


Homemade Cleanser for Dry Skin

Homemade Cleanser for Oily Skin

Homemade Cleanser for Normal and Combination Skin

Step 2: Tone Your Skin To Prepare It For Moisturizer

Some experts are against this whole notion of toning the skin, or some may say that it is an optional step. However, if you ask me, your skin care routine if incomplete if you skip this step. Just make sure that you go herbal or floral.

Why so?

Because they don’t contain alcohol or brutal preservatives to increase the shelf life of product.  In my opinion you should always use toner prior to moisturizing as it prepares your skin for absorbing moisture.

Extra Tip – You should always use toner post workout. Because sweat tends to clog skin pores and exaggerates acne and it increases blemishes.

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Step 3: Moisturize to Make Your Skin Look Radiant

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, it need moisture to look best. Even if your skin becomes greasy or gets acne, trust me.

All you need to do is find the one that suites your skin.  Here is the table that shows what works for each skin type

Moisturizer type table

Regardless of your skin type you should moisturize your skin before going to bed. As always, go organic. Don’t let those harsh chemicals fade out your natural beautiful skin.

The whole purpose of moisturizing is to make that moisture that you get from a bath or shower last. Make sure you don’t apply it when skin is still wet. The perfect time to apply the solution is right after wiping the water using towel.

As far as quantity is concerned make sure you are able to rub all of it. If it feels slippery then it is likely that you have used too much of it.

It is also important that you do not miss your neck. You should use your moisturizer on all the body parts that shows signs of ageing like neck, chest and hands.

One last thing I wanted to stress out is that never ever use your body lotion on your face because it is not designed to be applied on face.

I’ve seen so many people make this rookie mistake.

Step 4: Apply A Face-mask

Apply a face-mask

Applying a face-mask at least once a week is the best reward you can give to your skin. Face-masks works great by rejuvenating and rebalancing the skin. Trust me, you will adore your skin if you take my advice.

Market is flooded with synthetic ready to apply masks these days. Avoid them at any cost. As far as face mask in concerned make sure to mix all the ingredients yourself, instead of those ready to apply masks. Only shop for high quality ingredients (list ingredient products) made with natural herbal extracts.

Step 5: Exfoliate and Renew Your Skin

Gently exfoliate your skin once a weak to help your skin get rid of

Old skin cells and exaggerates the production of new skin cells.

Our body reveals softer, and smoother skin when we exfoliate. Make sure to use mild scrub that does not asks you to rub vigorously. Doing so may actually harm the skin.

Remember we are trying to replicate natural process of skin renewal by exfoliating. So we need to be little gentle.

Make sure that mixture contains natural ingredients like oats, seeds and clays instead of synthetic powders and sands.

Step 6: Provide Protection from Sun

Most of us who mostly stay indoors don’t need a sunscreen. There is no point in exposing your skin to extra chemicals that it does not need.

Most ladies apply sunscreen once, during the morning. I don’t find it very effective because we need to reapply sunscreen at regular intervals, to make it work.

On the other hand, for those who stay mostly outdoors during the day, should use a organic sunscreen which is based on minerals.

I suggest that we should use sunscreen even if its cloudy or cold out there because even the reflection of sun-rays is lethal to our skin.

Because sun rays can reflect off water, sand and snow. Tan is only good as long as it a tan, not a burn.

You cannot talk about sun screens without taking about taking about SPF (Sun protection factor). It is vital to understand how SPF works.

There is the is this common notion that higher the SPF the better the protection it provides from UV Rays. It does not work that way. The scale of SPF does not work in Linear manner. There is no such sunscreen that can protect you from all the UV rays. But the still claim to do so. This is the reason sunscreen regulation was formed in 2011.

Here are the points that covers the summary of this regulation

Sunscreen Act Regulations

But in the case of sensitive skin using the sunscreen with high SPF percentages could prove beneficial.

Sunscreen should not be your only option when it comes to protection from sun. You should wear protective clothing and stay in the shed as much as you can.

However, here is the scale of how sunscreens work.

Sun screen scale

Final Words:

So that was our ultimate guide on skin care routine. Of course this is not your should also look for other resources to validate every point that I made. Please share your skin care routine in comments.



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