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samadhi yoga

Yogi and mystic Sadhguru Patanjali has an intriguing thing to tell us for Samadhi Yoga– It is constituted of the triple process, that in this condition the percipient, the object, and the medium or the system of acceptance stand parallel to each other, on a comparable status.

Just as three rivers of water unite into each other, mixing one with the other, with water in every one filled to a comparative level at first look. The three have ended up being one, and one can’t know which is the subject, which the object and which the path toward knowing.

While the dissent chose for a purpose behind thought can be a particular unit or component, paying little heed to whether perceptual or hypothetical, the last need is a maintenance of mindfulness in the structure of the universe itself, which is constituted of the five amazing elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

Even if Miracles really exist- Why Science can’t accept it?

German scientist Immanuel Kant did not consider it being practicable even to have a metaphysic of reality, since all learning is awesome, confined to space, time and the classes.

Kant held that the thinking of God, adaptability and relentlessness act essentially as regulative guidelines working through the reason, however, can’t advance toward getting to be objects of the reason since its operations are limited to wonders.

Here the Indian sage scores a stamp which the mastermind of the Critique couldn’t picture, in other words, that it is possible, that the thing-in-itself must be known, not simply by honest to goodness contact in a technique of adapting, however in union with it, which is Yoga Science.

The Final Attainment along these lines experienced is Kaivalya Moksha or expression of Freedom in the Absolute Reality.

Remember the three systems that occur in the mind in the midst of Meditation.


This is another triplet. Remember these three word-pictures. Repeat them soundly while doing Sadhana. It will help you an awesome arrangement genuinely.

Right, when the mind is pulled once again from the objects and significant meditation sets in, the objective mindfulness is peaceful down- Savitarka Samadhi starts. Ratiocination, examination, and union (from the prior and posterior techniques for considering), examination and dynamic reasoning happen. This is Samadhi with considering. Mischievous insights (Negative thoughts) can’t enter now. The cerebrum becomes Sattvic.



picture of kundalini system

Kundalini Yoga consolidates breathing techniques, dynamic movement, shoulder broadens, significant loosening up, thinking process, mudra (hand positions), and mantra (meditation using the emphasis on sound, e.g. A…U…M…).

Kundalini Yoga is dynamic, fun and incomprehensibly beneficial. It is trying yet reasonable for almost everyone. The out of date systems of Kundalini Yoga is prescriptive and especially specific in their application.

Kundalini Yoga can outfit you with an instrument to empower you to epitomize it.

chakra system in body

What are the indications of Rising Kundalini energy?

  • Involuntary jerks, shaking, itching, tingling, and unpleasant sensations, especially in the arms, stomach and legs.
  • Energy flows or feelings of current circulating in the body.
  • Intense sweating or cold, especially as energy is experienced ascending through the chakras.

Kundalini imperativeness that lies torpid in the Muladhara Chakra as a twisted serpent with three curves or turns, with the face downwards is mixed by powerful Sadhana.

It rises upwards towards Sahasrara Chakra or the thousand petal lotus in the crown of the head and carries with it the mind and Prana (Life Energy) as well.

Exactly when the mind is in the Sushumna Nadi, the Yogi is finished off from the objective, physical attention to the world. He is in every practical sense dead to the world, sees diverse dreams and moves in the mental, ethereal space- Samadhi starts.

A sudden stroke of mystic edification puts a conclusion to all the observational nearness absolute and the general idea or acceptance of such a mind-blowing idea as this world or the thin uniqueness of the spirit in this world totally leaves the Self.

Sweat, laugh, breath and significantly loosen up! Welcome the endowment for being you!





Why is Pranayama so important to accomplish Samadhi Yoga?

Patanjali mentioned pranayama as means of reaching higher states of awareness, he teaches the holding of breath as an important practice of reaching Samadhi Yoga.

Prana is the vital energy required by our physical, mental and subtle layers, without which the body would perish. It is the prana (Life-energy) in us that nourishes the mind and keeps the body alive.

The prana creates an aura around the body and it flows through many of subtle energy channels called Nadis and energy centers called Chakras. The quantity and quality of prana and the way it flows through the nadis and chakras are responsible for one’s state of body and mind.

With sequence, I will now portray for you Pranayama. Prana is the Vayu that moves in the body. The limitation of Prana during inhalation is known as Kumbhaka.

There are four divisions: Surya, Ujjayi, Sitali, and Bhastrika.

Suryabheda Kumbhaka

Suryabheda Kumbhka
Suryabheda Kumbhaka



Select a place which is pure atmosphere, phenomenal and free from rocks, thorns, et cetera. It should be of the length of a bow free from cool, fire and water. To this place, take a comfortable seat which is neither too high nor too low.

Upon it, sit in Padmasana. By and by, shake or hurl into vibration Sarasvati. Bit by bit take in the breath from outside, through the right nostril, as long as this is pleasant, and exhale out it through the left nostril.

Exhale out in the wake of disinfecting the skull by convincing the breath up. This cures the four sorts of shades of vindictiveness caused by Vayu.

It wrecks like intestinal worms. This should be iterative. It is Suryabheda.


Ujjayi Kumbhaka


Ujjayi Pranayama
Ujjayi Pranayama


Close the mouth. Draw up progressively the breath through both the nostrils. Hold it in the space between the heart and the neck. By then inhale out through the left nostril.

This ousts both the glow caused in the head and the bodily fluid in the throat. It empties all diseases. It sterilizes the body and fabricates the gastric fire.

It clears each one of the shades of vindictiveness developing in the Nadis, Jalodara or dropsy that is water in the waist, and Dhatus. The name for this Kumbhaka is Ujjayi.

It can be practiced despite when walking or standing.



Sitali Kumbhaka

sitali kumbhaka



Draw up the breath through the tongue with the mumbling sound S…H…A… Hold it for some time as of late. By then bit by bit inhale out through both the nostrils. This is Sitali Kumbhaka.

Sitali Kumbhaka cools the body. It cures the endless dyspepsia, Pliha (an infection of the spleen), constipation, bile, fever, thirst and harmful substance.

Close the mouth and exhale out through the nostrils. By then inhale in a little up to the neck so the breath will fill the space, with upheaval, between the neck and skull. By then exhale out comparatively and take inconsistently and every now and again.

In reality, even as the thunders of a smith are moved stuffed inside with air and after that let out, so you should move the air inside the body. When you get exhausted, inhale in through the right nostril.

If the paunch is overflowing with Vayu, press well the nostrils with each one of your fingers beside the forefinger. Perform Kumbhaka and exhale out through the left nostril.

This empties the exacerbation of the throat. It fabricates the stomach related gastric fire inside. It enables one to experience the Kundalini energy.

Bhastrika Kumbhaka




Now relax totally and breathe naturally, and be a witness of your natural incoming and outgoing breath.

It produces beauty, clears sins, excellence, gives pleasure and fulfillment and pulverizes bodily fluid which is the shock or hindrance to the gateway at the mouth of the Sushumna Nadi.

It penetrates also the three Granthis or groups isolated through the three strategies for Nature or Gunas. The three Granthis or packs are Vishnu Granthi, Brahma Granthi, and Rudra Granthi. This Kumbhaka is Bhastrika.

Exactly when the combined energy of Kundalini moves upwards, the shower of nectar streams broadly. The Yogi accepts this which keeps him a long way from each and every sensual joy.

The Yogi stands firm upon the Inner Reality, the Atman. He accepts the most lifted state of a powerful contribution. He achieves peace and surrenders just to the Atman.

By the whole methodology of the Kundalini Yoga Sadhana, the body of the Yogi accomplishes to a great degree spiritual state of the unique Consciousness.

The Yogi who has achieved Samadhi experiences everything as Consciousness.

The Yogi comprehends the solidarity of the world and the microcosm.  The Kundalini Shakti goes to the Sahasrara Lotus or the thousand-petal lotus. It ends up Joining with Shiva, the Yogi realizes the most blissful state. This is the last enjoyment.



The Kundalini Shakti looks like a string in the Lotus. It is sparkling. The upper end of its body and at the base of the Lotus, the Muladhara.

It is in contact with the hole of Sushumna Nadi, seizing its tail with its mouth.

Positioned in Padmasana, if a man who has accustomed himself to the withdrawal of his butt (Mula Bandha), impacts the Vayu to run upwards with the mind reason on Kumbhaka, the Agni goes to the Svadhishthana flaring, inferable from the blowing of Vayu.


Is it possible to be an observer of Mental Process and Body in the same moment?

The separation of the mind from the body occurs in the vital state of Samadhi Yoga. Accordingly, prana twists up perceptibly independent and free from the control of the mind.

The free prana expects control of the body, guides it, and tries to impact the resources to an astute individual.

In this moment, the searcher watches the activities of prana and the resources as a witness.

From the blowing of Vayu and Agni, Kundalini penetrates open all the six lotuses or the plexus. By then the Kundalini Shakti is content with Shiva in Sahasrara lotus, the thousand-petal lotus.

This is the ecstatic trance state. This without any other source is THE ETERNAL BLISSFUL STATE.



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