4 Natural Ways To Use Lavender Oil For Burns

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about using lavender oil for burns, right?

You must be thinking to yourself, oils might be useful for sleep or aromatherapy but they’re not exactly what I’ll reach for in an emergency like a burn.

Well, lavender oil is incredibly useful and should be a key part of your first aid kit.

I am going to tell you why and how you should use lavender oil for burns.

What kind of burns is lavender useful for?

For second and third-degree burns, so severely painful, blistering or changing the color and appearance of the skin, should be treated by a doctor first. First degree burns, however, can be treated at home. As you normally would with any type of burn make sure you immediately put cold water on it. Then make sure the area is clean before applying anything.  Although lavender may not be the first port of call in case of a serious burn, however, in the aftercare lavender is brilliant.

How exactly to use lavender oil for burns?

  1. You can start by putting a few drops of pure lavender oil onto the affected area as many times a day as you remember to.
  2. Another way to do this is to put a few drops into a little bit of coconut oil. This is best for if the area is very sensitive as sometimes the neat form of the oil can sting a little bit.
  3. If you’re not a fan of coconut oil you can also try something like aloe gel. Aloe gel is good because it has cooling effects and mixed with lavender oil it’s perfect for burns.
  4. You can even put a few drops into water inside a spray bottle. This way you can keep spritzing your skin without having to rub anything in. This might be a good idea straight after a burn as this will also help to cool it down.

But how can lavender oil help with first aid?

Lavender oil is renowned for its relaxing properties, but it also relaxes your body. Lavender can reduce inflammation of the skin, relieve some pain and it has amazing anti-microbial properties. A study in 2016 showed that lavender oil supported immune treatment and inhibited microbial growth. The study analyzed a child who used lavender oil on burns compared with a child who did not. It showed that lavender resulted in less time in the hospital!

Another study in 2012 found that lavender reduced skin redness in patients. Which again proves just how useful lavender can be!

First aid kit in a bottle

You should always make sure you have some lavender oil in your house, particularly in your kitchen. Next time you burn yourself whilst cooking, lavender is a great quick fix to help. The same reasons lavender is great for burns also means it’s great for things like insect bites or small cuts.

Try it for yourself! Next time someone in your house has a burn make sure you use lavender, so you can see just how much it can help.

Written by herbalfoo staff

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