How to use Essential Oils in Your Daily Routine

Are those various safety and usage instructions on essential oil bottles confusing you?

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils in general is prevalent worldwide.

May be it’s because of effectually helping with several medicinal, psychological, and emotional complaints. However, we understand that these relatively new treatment alternatives might sound intimidating and often confusing. 

Essential Oils are excellent investments we make for our health and well-being.

Therefore, it is vital to understand how to use them effectively to yield benefits. And that is precisely why you and I are here to clear out the confusion and help you out with easy ways to use essential oils.

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How to Use Essential Oils?: Here are 5 Different Ways!

Essential Oils are natural and, therefore, are mostly considered entirely safe. 

However, these are generally concentrated extracts, which are often potent. 

This makes it necessary to use these essential oils in limited quantities.

 Mainly if you are sensitive due to old age, pregnancy, lactation, or other underlying health concerns. 

Overdoing anything can prove harmful after all. 

That being said, when used in the right quantities, essential oils can become not only an integral but also a fun part of your daily routine. 

This section of the blog post will take you through six such techniques.

1. Disperse in Air Using a Diffuser/ Humidifier

One of the easiest, hassle-free, and convenient ways to use essential oils is having it dispersed in the air in your house. 

Diffusers and Humidifiers are electrical appliances that efficiently convert these oils into super fine mists that mix in the air.

The consistency and automatic nature of the mist dispersal for long periods make the use of diffusers and humidifiers such a hit. All you need to do is fill the container inside the diffuser with your preferred essential oil, and you can sit back and relax or even dive into your work. 

You can feel the calming effects of the essential oil and smell the pleasant fragrance in the air even as you forget all about it and go about your day. 

The mist will enter your body as you breathe, and that’s when your therapy begins.

While using dispersal as your option to use essential oils, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind:

Choosing the right diffuser/ humidifier:

This step cannot be missed! Not every diffuser and humidifier is ideal for the use of essential oils. Therefore you mustn’t mindlessly get yourself one. Choose the one that caters to your needs and purpose. Consider refill capacity, on/off mechanism, compatibility with essential oils besides style and design.

Avoid dispersal using candles:

Lighting candles with pleasant fragrances and essential oils might be aesthetically pleasing. Still, it hardly does any good to you or your essential oil. The high temperature will result in the breakdown of the oil. Consequently, crucial health benefits will be lost.

Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffusers 

Essential oil nebulizing diffusers do not use steam or fire. They work by atomizing the essential oil and dispersing in the air. These are a great option if you’re looking for a no-mess solution. 

The best part of using a nebulizing diffuser is that it doesn’t change the chemical structure of the essential oil!

2. Inhale Using Dry/Wet Aid

The above method also involved inhaling the healing benefits of essential oils, only, it was happening subconsciously. This method is about consciously taking out a little time to inhale the intoxicating scent and medicinal properties of your essential oils.

How Dry Inhalation Works!

This involves carefully pouring a required number of drops of essential oil that best caters to your needs on a swab of cotton or tissue to simply inhale. Take slow and deep breaths and enjoy the aromatic treatment until the scent evaporates. 

The key is getting the amount you pour, right. 

If you already have a medical prescription, stick to that even if you are tempted to enjoy more of the fragrant pleasure. If you have self-prescribed aromatherapy to yourself, start with a single drop to see if you are sensitive or allergic to specific compounds.

Directly inhaling from the essential oil bottle is also an alternative method under dry inhalation. It is an ‘anywhere, anytime’ method of therapy. 

However, you cannot be sure of how much of the essential oil you are inhaling and might end up overdoing it.

Let’s take a Look at Wet Inhalation

This involves inhaling your crucial oils along with steam. 

The process is similar to the steam therapy you resort to when fighting a nasty cold. The only addition is a few drops of essential oil in a couple of cups of boiling water.

This method is one of the most beneficial ones because it involves more than just aromatherapy. Not only can this simultaneously clear nasal congestion and cold, but energize the skin of your face and neck. 

The hot steam will open the pores of your skin and provide natural moisturization. 

It will also increase your skin’s absorptive potential, thereby ensuring that the essential oil effectively seeps into the skin.

3. Essential Oil Bracelets and Roller Bottles

Want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go? 

In that case, essential oil bracelets and roller bottles are excellent choices. 

 Essential Oil Bracelets or necklaces

These are made of various materials and come in hundreds of trendy, unisex designs. The bracelet is made of materials that absorb essential oils and diffuse them while you’re out enjoying your life! 

You can just put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the bracelet, and you’re good to go!

Roller Bottles 

Roller bottles are small and easy to carry and help you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy when you’re traveling. Whenever needed, you can apply your favorite essential oils on your skin to enjoy its benefits and sweet smell!

4. Apply Directly on to Your Skin

Essential oil skin application

The above section clears one thing- absorption of essential oils by the skin is also an effective way of procuring its benefits. However, while considering skin absorption, the technique plays an important role.

Using Carrier Oils

Essential oils are potent extracts, and you never know how your body would react to the oil or its concentration. 

Therefore, it is always advised to dilute the oil before applying it to the skin. While the steam inhalation process using water as the diluent, when opting to directly apply on skin, using a neutral carrier oil is a preferred option.

Carrier oils like almond oil, coconut oil, or other such sweet-smelling, smooth texture oils should be used to dilute your essential oils. 

These are going to be absorbed in your skin and won’t evaporate with time. So choose wisely with regards to fragrance and compatibility with skin.

Simply apply on your wrists, temples, behind your ears or feet, and enjoy your aromatic relaxation. 

Using Lotions and Moisturizers

While the above method limits the absorption of essential oils to certain parts of your body. But you can simply mix them in your body lotions, face lotions or moisturizers. 

Essential Oils can do wonders to your skin and are helpful for a wide range of skin problems. 

Right from reducing wrinkles, clearing up acne to healing scars, essential oils can prove to be your skin’s best friend.

Since moisturizers and body lotions are applied to most parts of your body, mixing essential oils in them would mean that the absorption is much higher. 

This way, not only the aromatherapy intensity shoots up, but also the healing benefits of your essential oil are sure to be acquired by all of your skin. 

5. Infuse in Bathing Products

Who doesn’t love a long, relaxing, hot bath? 

And, what can be better than converting one of our favorite ways of unwinding into a highly effective therapy?

Including essential oils into our bathing activities is as easy as it is fun. 

Be it a refreshing shower or lazing out in your hot tub, you can make it aromatic and beneficial with a dash of essential oils.

The easiest way is to infuse these essential oils in your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or your loofah. 

This will make sure you get your aromatherapy each time you take a bath. You can also sprinkle your essential oil on the walls around your shower and indulge in the fragrant mist as you bathe.

However, if you like to use essential oils in your bathtub, make sure to use a carrier oil to spread the essential oil evenly into the water.

For this purpose, you can either mix it with a neutral carrier oil or Epsom salt. 

This carrier base and essential oil mix will be enough for your water. 

You wouldn’t miss your regular bathing products in the mix. All you have to do is, breathe!

This method works in both ways- inhalation and absorption by the skin. 

That means hot water results in better absorption (Hot water helps to open up skin pores). Healing compounds of the essential oils will be easily absorbed by your skin, along with being inhaled through regular deep breathing.  

6. Indulge in Oil Massage 

Massages are one of the best ways to attain deep relaxation and reduce the physical effects of stress. 

You can increase the beneficial effects of essential oil exponentially by using them as massage oils. Trust me, they are very instrumental.

Aromatherapy massage will help you slow down and give your overworked body and mind this much-needed treatment.

Moreover, it comes highly recommended by doctors to patients dealing with stress, anxiety, and even cardiovascular problems. 

Like most other methods, when you use essential oils that have direct application on your skin, you must dilute them in a carrier oil.

Remember, they are highly concentrated in nature, so diluting them is a must.

A smooth, sweet-smelling oil works perfectly well when mixed with about 18-20 drops of your favorite essential oil to produce sound effects.

This serves to be the most relaxing of all methods for obvious reasons. 

Not only does the essential oil get a two-way passage into your body (inhalation and absorption by skin) but also the muscles of your body ease due to the massage pressure. 

Essential Oil massages, therefore, make for an excellent method to treat yourself. 

However, it comes at a higher cost than the rest of the options. For you need to shell out your time more than your money!

Here’s the Thing About Consumption, Though 

We’ve gone through five methods of using essential oils, and each of them either belonged to the inhalation group or absorption group. 

However, you will find and hear confusing amounts of variations when it comes to the safety involved in consuming essential oils orally. 

Let’s clear it once and for all- Consumption or Ingestion of Essential Oils is UNSAFE and can easily qualify to be harmful to your body. 

Consuming even little amounts of essential oil means you are exposing yourself to a severe risk of poisoning, and the toxicity has been recorded by the WAPIC. 

The severity of toxicity and the duration after which the symptoms appear may vary from case to case. 

It is more harmful to children, pregnant women, and people with other sensitivities.

While it is imperative to be cautious while using essential oils in any of the ways as mentioned above, consumption is a big No No

Despite the claims of a few brands that these are ‘natural’ and ‘safe to consume.

Summing Up: The Essentials of Using Essential Oils 

I hope reading this entire blog post will help you to safely be able to include essential oil in your routine and reap its benefits.

Essential Oils are strong enough to cause damage, and you wouldn’t want something you bought for improving your health to harm you. 

It’s simple: use carriers while applying, dilute while inhaling, and don’t overuse.

This simple caution, if practiced, essential oils will be one of the most convenient and safe ways you will find for self-therapy!

Has including essential oils in your routine had a positive effect on your mind and body? 

Share your stories and experiences with us in the comments section. We are eager to hear from you!

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