How to make your own perfume with essential oils?

essential oil perfume

Do you ever wonder how can you make your own perfumes using essential oils?

While you may suggest that, why should I bother with all this hassle when I can go to the store and buy any perfume I want.

You are right but not exactly.

I also enjoy the ease of getting the perfume from store directly but what I don’t enjoy is the toxic ingredients that comes with store baught perfumes.

Back when I wasn’t aware how to make your own perfumes using natural ingredients, I also bought my fair share of synthetic perfumes and body sprays.

But it wasn’t until i realized that these perfumes are causing me and those around me headaches and allergies.

After doing some research I discovered that toxic ingredients that come with these synthetic perfumes are major culprits behind plethora of diseases without leaving a clue behind to trace what caused them.

[Insert link to the study that backs this statement]

What a shame.

I was one of the lucky fews that I only had to face headaches.

That’s when I decided to go alternative route and find natural ways to do my own perfumes.

I found my answer in: Essential Oils.

Essential oils are so versatile that you can use them in hundreds of different ways to uplift your wellbeing and lifestyle.

If you are like me, after learning how to blend your own perfumes using essential oils, I guarantee you will never look back to those toxic perfumes.

Using this method, you will have complete freedom as to what goes in your perfume and how strong it smells.

And as a bonus, It is ridiculously cost effective compared to store bought ones.

Planning your perfume blend. 

First step is to plan according to your taste.

All you need to do is brainstorm and figure out.

Before you decide, let me tell you that all the essential oils that exists are divided into following subcategories:

  • Floral
  • Spicy
  • Woodsy
  • Earthy
  • Citrus
  • Herbal

Few essential oils fits into multiple categories. For our perfume here is an image attached that explains it in bit more detail.

essential oil categories

How to create a balanced fragrance profile.

You have to choose one or more oil from each note.


Each note plays an important role. Every essential oil acts unique and has different evaporation rate.

Oils from the top note evaporates fast and those from medium notes lasts longer. And ones from the base notes lasts the most.

Here is how it works.

– Top note is the first scent you will smell
– But soon it disappears making room for longer-lasting middle note.
– As soon as top and middle notes are gone, the base note will stay there for even hours after the application.

Interestingly, perfumes are very dynamic in nature. What can smell one way on you can smell completely different on someone else.

The key to create a balanced perfume is to follow a proven formula.

To begin with the formula pick just one essential oil from each of the top, middle and base note.

Things you will need:

1. Dark Glass or UV Protected Glass Container

First and foremost you will need a glass container to hold your perfume. It has to be dark glass. For longer shelf life go for UV-Protected glass if possible.

The reason we are going after the glass bottles is because essential oils are extremely potent in nature and cause the plastic to degrade and leach into our blend.

That’s what we don’t want.

Also, essential oils are affected by UV Rays so to preserve effective properties and fragrance it is a good idea to use dark or uv-protected glass.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol

It allows essential oils from different notes to mix and works as a main carrier of your perfume.

Make sure to use alcohol with at-least 90% concentration. Some people also use Vodka and witch hazel as a replacement for alcohol.

3. Vegetable Glycerine

Since alcohol can dry up your skin, glycerine will helps to moisturize it. Glycerin will also help your perfume last longer on your skin.

4. Distilled Water.

Feel free to make your own by boiling tap water and letting it cool or you can buy it from a store near your house.

5. Carrier Oil (Optional)

If you don’t want to use alcohol and want to create an oil based roll-on perfume, you will need a carrier oil.

Feel free to use any neutral smelling oil. Few good options are:

  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

6. Measuring Spoons and Mini Funnel For easy pouring

Putting together your perfume spray.

Start by balancing your fragrance by making a test batch.

Start with 10 drops total

Top Note: 1-2 Drops
Middle Note : 2-8 drops
Base Note: 1-4 Drops

Note that these are ranges but at the end of the day you want your blend to add up to 10 drops.

Add the drops into the bottle and close the lid tightly and let the mixture incorporate for at-least 24 hours for best results.

Also every couple of hours shake the mixture to expedite the blending process.
After 24 hours take a whiff and decide if you are satisfied with the fragrance or adjust accordingly.

To adjust, add drops into multiple of tens to make the math easy.

Once you are happy with the blend, let’s go to the next step.

We are making a 25% concentration perfume which is as high as you can go.

You will need about 250 total drops to reach that concentration level.

As we already have 10 drops in the bottle that we added to prepare the test batch, we need to add remaining 240 drops.

Consider following proportions:

top note : 1 drop
middle note : 3 drops
base note : 6 drops

Here is the formula I would use to calculate my ratios:

top note = (1 * 10) * 250/100 = 25 drops
middle note = (3 * 10) * 250/100 = 75 drops
base note = (6 * 10) * 250/100) = 150 drops

since you already have added 10 drops to the bottle, you need to subtract that number from each note.

in above case, that would be:

top note = 24 drops
middle note = 72 drops
base note = 144 drops

That will give 250 drops in total.

So that was it guys, next time I will update this article with how to make roll on perfume and body spray using essential oils.

Looking forward for your feedback in comments.








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