How To Get Rid Of Tan Lines Naturally And Fast

There are so many different techniques and tools out there that will help you get that perfect tan you always wanted.

Looking like you were kissed by the sun shows exactly how much fun you had at the beach.

Being tanned is great and overdoing it will just make you look like you like you were burnt.

So what do you need to get rid of tan lines and that disgusting tan that you have?

Below, we have provided you all with different ways to help you deal with tan lines that you no longer want.


Four-Step Process On How To Get Rid Of Tan Lines

#1. Exfoliate

exfoliating hands

Firstly and foremost, you need to exfoliate regularly to make sure the process of getting rid of tan lines is quickened. You should try using a body scrub for this or soak yourself in a hot tub, whichever one is more convenient for you. Just so you know, shaving your legs and arms is considered of the way of exfoliation. This will gradually start to remove dead skin cells and help you bring out your original skin tone, a lot sooner than you would like.


#2. Avoid direct sunlight exposure

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Secondly, try your best to avoid any further exposure to the sun. Your skin will become damaged even more if you make contact with the sun while you are already tanned. Use an umbrella or apply some sunscreen if you really have to head out into the sun. But, still, staying indoors is the best way you prevent any further skin damage and get rid of tan lines.


#3. Baking Soda Massage

baking soda scrub
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When you are trying to get rid of tan lines and that extra tan you accidentally got, then blotchiness is one thing you are hoping for. You need to dampen your skin and massage it in circular motions, and baking soda is what you need to use when doing this. Use this homemade exfoliator over anything you can find in stores.

#4. Take Detox Baths

detox bath

Soak yourself in the bath for long hours. The amount of time you spend in the tub will determine exactly how many cells you are going to remove from your body.

Also, consider adding Epsom salt to your bath, as it helps skin cell renewal.

Over To You

Once you start treating yourself to get rid of tan lines, then don’t start trying new things every chance you get. Stick to one treatment and make sure you continue to use this the entire time. If you keep trying new things, you will never get the result you want, especially if you are looking for quick results





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