11 Hairstyles For Round Faces – Quick Guide To Spice up Your Look


Short hair or long hair? Pixie or bob? If such questions constantly keep arising in your head, while you are on the hunt for a perfect hairstyle for your round face, let me tell you, you are not alone.

While I get into the detail, bear with me for a few seconds here. A round face is not a problem, rather the good news is that there is an innumerable hairstyles that even celebrities have pulled and mastered it like a pro. This becomes an inspiration pool for girls like us, who find it hard enough to acknowledge any hairstyle. A round face has a soft jaw, cheekbones, forehead. When all these are in equal dimension, you definitely have a round face. It only means that your facial features are soft and there’s hardly anything to worry about.

Luckily, there are a few hairstyles that promise to add more dimension to your look, giving it strong appearance with better angles. Another fun fact about having a round face is that most of the hairstyles that you choose, for example, short or flowy, they can look flattering, If the styling is done in the right manner.

For some inspiration, before you lose all the hopes, here’s a quick roundup of all the hairstyles, best suited for round faces. I swear that by the end of this list, choosing your favourite hairstyle won’t look like a task anymore. Check it out.

1. The Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob Hair Style Example
Image Source: Getty Images

When you wish to go for short hair, take the dare and just do it but ensure that your hair exhibits volume and doesn’t fall flat on your face. The wavy bob is the best option as it adds layers to your hair, gives it volume. You can volumize it even more with the help of a curler. Miranda Kerr’s hairstyle in this look makes for a flattering hairstyle for your round face. Try it out.

2. Shoulder Length Waves

Shoulder Length Wave Hair Style
Credit: Getty Images

Shoulder length hair is no doubt one hairstyle that goes with all sorts of face shape. It has the ability to give your face that elongated appearance and a slimming effect to the cheeks. This one can also be turned into other versatile hairstyles like high half-pony or side partition hairstyle for more sassy effect.

3. Sleek Hair

Image Credit: Getty Images

If you are someone with straight hair, you are not just lucky but blessed because this hairstyle is the one that naturally blends well with round faces. A tad bit pull at the roots by backcombing, blow drying or applying some dry shampoo and you are done to give your face that edgy appearance!

4. Straight Bob

Image Credit : Getty Images

Like I said, straight hair is a blessing, if you are not a fan of long hair, you can always chop it off and turn it into a bob. Case in point, Jenna Dewan’s hairstyle that has a deep side part, with an asymmetrical side and straight ends. This is quite an amazing hairstyle for a round face!

5. Smooth Curls

Image Credit: Getty Images

Smooth curls can look effortless and doing so is super easy. Take a curling iron and just curl them up. Once you are done, pull your hair a bit downwards, so if there’s any firmness, it loosens up. Minimize hair frizz by using an anti-frizz serum as it will balance out the whole look and add some more panache.

6. Pinned Back Waves

Pinned Black Waves Hairstyle
Image Credit : Getty Images

Bored of the same outdated hairstyles? Then give Mandy Moore’s hairstyle a try. Do the middle parting and take a couple of bobby pins. Take half your hair backwards and pin it up. When you do this, it gives symmetry to your overall look and this is definitely a statement hairstyle that you should give a try.

7. Bold Bangs

Bold Bangs Hairstyle
Image Credit : Getty Images

Fringes look great when you have a round face. This one look can certainly accentuate your features, especially when you curl it up a bit and create an ideal parting, that goes well with your face. Jennifer Hudson’s look here shows how blunt fringes can garner all the attention whilst keeping you less worried about the ’roundness’ of your face.

8. Understated Updo

Understated Updo Hairstyle
Image Credit : Getty Images

Side-swept bangs with an updo is another versatile hairstyle that you can add to your list of hairstyles if you have a round face. This hairstyle gives a lengthened illusion to your face and draws attention to your lips. Frieda Pinto shows exactly how to turn heads with an updo!

9. Add A Chic Headband

Chic Headband
Image Credit: Getty Images

Round faces need cute hairstyles and to add that touch, you can rely on headbands in various prints or textures. Just part your hair deeply on either side. The key is to make sure, you look sweet. You can also get fringes in the front and keep them hanging loose. The headband is a surefire way to make this hairstyle look stunning for your face type.

10. Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail
Image Credit: Getty Images

When you make a sleek ponytail, it adds height to your features. Recreate this look and add some volume on the crown by doing backcombing with the help of a paddle brush. Then tie your hair downwards with a rubber band and turn it into a sleek ponytail.

11. Mussed Up Braids


Mussed up braids
Image Credit:Getty Images

If you think messy hair doesn’t look fashionable, give it another thought! Messy hair buns or mussed up buns are better than any hairstyle when you have a round face. This, for example, Kate Bosworth’s fishtail braided hair is proof, that even you can ace this hairstyle. Own this look by creating braids on both sides. Gently use some hairspray and pin the braids at the end.

Still, worried if a particular hairstyle would suit you or not? Check out these tips and tricks to follow before you go for any of these hairstyles.



1. Focus On Your Face Features

Adding height to your hair is what matters the most. It is okay even if you have fine hair as well. In your case, curls are your best bet and even high updos look really great and make your round face look flattering.

2. Create A Illusion Downward

To make your face look like it has a soft jawline, you need to have long layers as they create that sort of an illusion.

3. Go For Curls

When I say curls, I mean loose curls. Loose curls look more liberated and fancy rather than tight curls that appear as if they were done on purpose. Curls create a natural look, which adds more character to a round face.

4. Say No To Tight Ponies

Ponytails are okay but trying to do it too tight and a pulled back version is the worst choice for the round face so steer clear of that.

5. Short Bangs

Fringes are fine, side fringes are even better but straight bangs are a big no-no for round face. Keep that in mind.


So you see there is no dearth in trying out these hairstyles that promise to bring more structure to your face shape. Now, if you are ready, try out these hairstyles and tell us which one you loved the most!


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