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11 Hairstyles For Round Faces – Quick Guide To Spice up Your Look

Short hair or long hair? Pixie or bob? If such questions constantly keep arising in your head, while you are on the hunt for a perfect hairstyle for your round face, let me tell you, you are not alone.

While I get into the detail, bear with me for a few seconds here. A round face is not a problem, rather the good news is that there is an innumerable hairstyles that even celebrities have pulled and mastered it like a pro. This becomes an inspiration pool for girls like us, who find it hard enough to acknowledge any hairstyle. A round face has a soft jaw, cheekbones, forehead. When all these are in equal dimension, you definitely have a round face. It only means that your facial features are soft and there’s hardly anything to worry about.

Luckily, there are a few hairstyles that promise to add more dimension to your look, giving it strong appearance with better angles. Another fun fact about having a round face is that most of the hairstyles that you choose, for example, short or flowy, they can look flattering, If the styling is done in the right manner.

For some inspiration, before you lose all the hopes, here’s a quick roundup of all the hairstyles, best suited for round faces. I swear that by the end of this list, choosing your favourite hairstyle won’t look like a task anymore. Check it out.

1. The Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob Hair Style Example
Image Source: Getty Images

When you wish to go for short hair, take the dare and just do it but ensure that your hair exhibits volume and doesn’t fall flat on your face. The wavy bob is the best option as it adds layers to your hair, gives it volume. You can volumize it even more with the help of a curler. Miranda Kerr’s hairstyle in this look makes for a flattering hairstyle for your round face. Try it out.

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