Fat Burners: Last Article You Will Ever Read.

Fat Burner

Exhausted all the diet-plans, workout programmes…still not getting results?

Stuck in the middle? What’s next?

Let me tell you:

Those weight-loss diet plans, workout regimes, and all—they have a common goal: to reduce your weight. I mean that jiggly, stubborn “fat”.


…when you want to shed some quick pounds? They won’t favour much help!


It is because everyone has got different body makeup. And the truth is—it takes a whole lot of time and rigorous planning from a certified fitness expert to quick-achieve your aim. On the other hand, they are complex to follow, hard to maintain, and costs you some good hundred dollars as well.


What if I tell you that I have an exclusive, cost-friendly, goal-matching, more natural solution?

The answer is “fat burners”. Yes, you heard it right.

While following your regular diets and exercises, combining it with a fat burner supplement maximises the effects. It gives you faster results—even in the absence of an expert.

To learn more about what fat burners are and how they work, let’s dive into my guide!

What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are the weight-loss boosters. They are a group of nutraceutical products that contain active ingredients from functional foods. Those active ingredients have the potential to melt down the excess fat from your body by increasing the fat metabolism process. (1) 

In layman terms, the logic behind a weight-loss programme or a workout plan is to increase your total caloric spend while reducing the intake. After a while, following the same diet and a fixed exercise, the schedule becomes monotonous and lackadaisical. With a fat burner, you become free from all these issues.

Fat burners are dietary supplements specially designed that aids in your weight-loss journey ranging from boosting your mood to enhancing energy levels to elevating the fat degradation process. In essence, they help you meet your goals rapidly.

What you need to understand is some fat burners are from naturally occurring sources, while the majority are from laboratory-made synthetic sources. All of them, regardless of their origin, help your body to enhance its ability to burn fat rapidly.

The majority of fat burner supplements contain many compounds in their composition. Such as:

  • chromium
  • conjugated linoleic acid
  • caffeine
  • L-carnitine
  • green tea extracts
  • glucomannan
  • yohimbine (2) 

Thinking… whether “fat burners” can be taken as pre-workout supplements?

Looking at these active compounds, many beginners and even veterans suggest fat burners as a replacement for pre-workout supplements.

While some fat burning supplements can be consumed as pre-workouts, not all, it is because the ingredient composition is not the same throughout the brands. They vary a lot, so do their effects.

Generally, the aim of using a pre-workout is to enhance your endurance, and overall performance during a workout as changes in ingredients occur, not all of the fat burners by increasing the energy. This is why fat burners are not precisely pre-workout supplements.

I understand that questions like these must be popping up inside your mind that…

“How many types of fat burners are there?”

“Among those hundreds of available brands which fat burner supplement should I choose?

“Whether I should go for a natural one or the one that claims miracle-in-a-month?”

“What is the best time to take them—pre-workout? Post? or when?”

Are fat burners safe to consume? will they have any adverse effects?”

Blah… blah…

… isn’t this true?

Yes, but now you need not scratch your head, finding the answers.

I have got your back.

After rigorous research and analysis, I have prepared this ultimate guide for you where you will find all of your doubts cleared, in a gimmick.

Without waiting, let’s have a read!


How Do Fat Burners Work?

All the fat burners you see don’t work the same way—each supplement works a bit different from another.


The reason is that not every fat burner supplement contains the same ingredient because the ingredient compositions are not limited to a particular formula.

fat burners, fat metabolism and weight loss
Source: International Association for the Study of Obesity 2011 Fat burners: nutrition supplements that increase fat metabolism. Asker E. Jeukendrup, Rebecca Randell

Manufacturers customise the supplements according to the effects, scientific results, and the desired outcomes. As a result, these variations and combinations in compositions trigger multiple biological pathways in different ways, which ultimately leads to fat loss.

They may be:

By using stimulants

 Stimulants like Caffeine are used as the first-line-choice ingredients in a fat burner supplement due to its ability to stimulate the central nervous system.  (3)

Caffeine, when stimulates the central nervous system, increases energy expenditure, fat degradation, elevates fat oxidation, enhances energy, mood, and motivation. (4)

Caffeine in the supplement elevates hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are fat-burning catecholamines.

When the secretion increases, these biochemicals bind to the fat cells and release stored fatty acids into your bloodstream. Later, the released FAs are picked up by carnitine and moved inwards to the mitochondria for energy. When this cycle repeats in episodes, your fat gets melted down to heat and thus reduces.

Moreover, Caffeine and Yohimbine, like stimulating agents, are appetite suppressants and give you a feeling of fullness. (5) That means you will feel less hungry and thus less craving for food. It helps your body to adapt and adhere to your low-calorie diet easily.

By thermogenic compounds

Apart from Caffeine, few other non-stimulant ingredients are also available that assist in your weight loss battle.

Among them, thermogenic compounds are notable for their benefits. Studies show stimulants combined with thermogenic compounds to enhance their effectiveness in real-time. (6)(7)(8)(9)

These compounds trigger a process called ‘diet-induced thermogenesis,’ which is a biological process in your body that maintains your temperature. (10) 

Even when you are at rest, your body generates heat by burning the calories from carbohydrates, and when you are eating less carb, there is a deficiency of glucose that appears, and then fat is utilized as the fuel. Thus, you experience fat loss over time. (11) 

Primary thermogenic ingredients you will find in thermogenic fat burners are:

  • EGCG
  • Capsaicin
  • p-Synephrine
  • Bioperine

These are extracted from natural sources such as:

  • Black Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Green Tea
  • Citrus fruits

Sometimes, you can also find a combination of Caffeine and green tea extracts in many thermogenic fat burners supplement. According to a study, this unique combination of Caffeine + green tea extract helped the participants burn ~65 more calories a day than those who supplemented with the Caffeine alone. (12) (13) 

All the fat burners work by triggering these two metabolic processes in your body:

1. Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis means a slight elevation in your body temperature due to the increased production of energy as a result of burning up extra calories.

It is a natural process of your body which even works while you are resting to maintain constant body temperature.

2. Lipolysis

Lipolysis means breaking down stored fat mass to produce glycerol and free fatty acids, as I have said above. The two byproducts aid your body cells to generate energy for various cellular activity.

Taking a fat burning supplement boosts the production of these biochemical compounds by secretion of several other hormones. As a result, you end up shedding some weight.

As you can see, fat burners work by triggering several metabolic pathways in your body:

They…reduce the ability of your body to convert excess glucose into fat stores,

create energy from the stored body fat and inhibit fat absorption from dietary intakes.

So, using fat burners with a healthy, negative-caloric-diet, and a weight control programme is a great way to shred fats faster.

How Many Types of Fat Burners Are There?

While you can find a myriad of fat burners in the market, they all do not work the same effective way as I already said.

To find out the most effective supplement that gives you maximum results in minimum time, you have to learn about the types of fat burners and then choose.

Let’s have a look at some prominent categories of fat burners:

#1 Thermogenic Fat Burners:

As I have explained earlier, thermogenic fat burning works by a metabolic process of your body that regulates body temperature.

What they do is, when you are on rest, they elevate your body heat to a higher level than usual. Here, to produce more heat, your body tries to burn more calories, and those calories are derived from the burning of fat mass. (14) 

Not only just white-fat-cells, these fat burners specifically target the thermogenic-fat-cells to maximise their effects. (15) 

These include:

  • evodiamine
  • capsaicin
  • Caffeine
  • green tea extracts
  • and theacrine added fat burning supplements

#2 Stimulant-free Fat Burners:

When you are allergic to compounds such as Caffeine, taking them creates other complications. There, stimulant-free fat burners come to the sight.

They are mainly designed without Caffeine and are free of any other stimulating chemicals.

Stimulant-free fat burning supplements mostly contain fucoxanthin as their prime ingredient. This chemical is found in marine plants, some species of seaweeds.

These work by inhibiting the production of adipocytes (fat cells), which makes you fat-from-flat.

#3 Appetite Suppressants:

Going by the name, you can figure out how they work on your body. They help you reduce your food cravings: binge-eating, mindless-snacking, and overeating—thus, you eat less.

You’re eating lighter means going into a caloric deficit state. And, when fewer calories are provided, to adjust the energy expenditure, the body will start burning stored fat.

Ingredients from these suppressants interact with the hormones related to hunger and satiety (leptin and ghrelin). These manipulate with the hormone levels in your gut, secretions in the stomach, and signals your brain to make you feel fuller with little foods.

Also, if you are worried about chemicals and want to pick a fat burning supplement free from any chemicals, then appetite suppressants are a great help to you. Most of the appetite suppressants contain natural extracts like grapefruit essential oil, hoodia, and saffron.

However, many appetite suppressants contain Caffeine or similar, naturally occurring stimulants. It is since Caffeine has shown appetite suppressing properties and energy improving activities in humans in scientific studies.

#4 Carb Blockers:

These are a particular group of fat burners that stops carbohydrates in your diet from being fully digested and absorbed for storage.

Carb blocking fat burners interact with the enzymes responsible for carbohydrate digestion by stopping their chemical reactions.

As carbs are not wholly digested, you get fewer calories than actual. Later they pass through the intestines and are eliminated. This process leads to energy pull from fat burning, and thus you experience fat loss.

#5 Thyroid Regulating Fat Burners:

The thyroid gland produces some essential hormones that have a significant effect on your metabolism and digestion rate. When there is an issue with your thyroid producing hormones, your metabolism becomes sluggish; you feel lethargic and fatigued.

When such an issue is present, it becomes hard for an individual to achieve the desired fat loss goal.

Thyroid regulating fat burners helps you to fix this issue. They come with two main biochemicals forskolin and guggulsterone, which stimulates thyroid functions, which passively makes you feel energetic and less tired.

Apart from these, similar thyroid-stimulating ingredients are included in supplements that help increase metabolism and assists in fat loss.

It is always advisable to consult with a physician before using a Thyroid Regulating Fat Burner if you have had any known severe thyroid issues in the past.

#6 Fat Blockers:

Fat blockers work the same way as a carb blocker does. While carb blockers prevent the carbohydrates in your diet from getting fully digested, fat blockers work on the dietary fat the same way…

Thus, not the hundred percent of the dietary fat you consume gets digested and absorbed into your body. It means you get fewer calories than consumed, and the rest of the energy is compensated from your body-fat.

The prime ingredient used in fat blocker supplements is Chitosan. It starts working in the digestive tracts and binds to the fat cells before they get digested and absorbed into the body fat storages.

#7 Cortisol Blockers:

Cortisol is called the stress hormone. When cortisol secretion goes over the normal levels, it creates various side-effects such as the accumulation of body fat, especially in the belly region. It is one of the biggest dilemmas for a dieter because they become overly stressed because of strict restrictions.

Following a hypocaloric or low-carb diet is linked to hypersecretion of cortisol hormone. Also, the reverse way—overconsumption of sugar and high-intensity weight training creates indirect stress on your body. Later it leads to increased cortisol levels.

When such lifestyle factors hinder and you are unable to control them single-handedly, cortisol blockers come into play.

Taking a cortisol blocking supplement for fat loss will help you maintain the cortisol levels effectively by reducing it. As a result, you can see lights again of winning the weight-loss battle.

Many cortisol blocking fat burners contain ingredients including White Willow Extract, Alpha lipoic acid, L-Carnitine, Guarana, yerba mate, Caffeine, and various substances in combination.

What Are the Main Ingredients You Will Find in Fat Burners?

The active ingredients in fat burners are crucial to look for always. Understanding them, you will be able to find whether they are safe, effective, and suitable for you.

Here are some commonly found ingredients you will get in fat burners:

1. Green Tea Extract:

It tops the list because of its numerous and natural health benefits.

Green tea extract helps you boost your metabolism process. A naturally occurring chemical EGCG or epigallocatechin is responsible for this effect. This chemical elevates fat breakdown.

Another chemical called Catechins present in green tea is an antioxidant. It inhibits the enzyme that interacts and reduces catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline). (16) (17)

These two, adrenaline and noradrenaline, known as neurotransmitters, play significant roles in controlling your heart rate and body heat. Thus, higher levels ensure better fat loss through faster calorie burning. (18)

Also, green tea has shown promising effects in shedding the fat layers from the belly-button area.

2. Caffeine:

Caffeine is an energiser. It helps significantly during a workout.

To add, it works in multiple ways to aid your fat-loss battle. (19) 

Caffeine reduces the rate of glucose metabolism during an intensive workout, and thus, fat is pulled by the body for energy.

One of the drawbacks of Caffeine is—addiction from its overuse. You should not take it regularly for a long time, take breaks frequently.


Forskolin, a widely used ingredient in fat burning supplements because of its incredible results in decreasing total body-fat percentage and boosting lean muscle development. (20) 

4. 5-HTP

5-HTP is beneficial for reducing hunger cravings and giving satiety. Many supplements use 5-HTP as an active ingredient due to its appetite-stimulating properties.


L-Tyrosine, it helps your fat-loss battle by increasing the body temperature by thermogenesis.


L-Theanine works by reducing the hormones responsible for high cortisol levels and stress. Thus, you stay motivated and avoid unhealthy obsessive eating disorders.


Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid and stored in the muscle cells as storage.

Intense workouts for a prolonged period may lead to Carnitine store depletion and hinders energy production. So, supplementing this amino acid benefits endurance and gives better outputs.


Capsaicin and capsaicinoids are present in chilli peppers. These compounds are extracted from the plants of the family Capsicum. Supplementation of these compounds as ingredients increases the body energy expenditure by thermogenesis and fastens the breakdown of fat cells. (21) 


Gymnema Sylvestre is a herb found in the wild forests of India. It contains Gymnema acid, which reduces sugar cravings, blocks simple sugar absorption, and maintains healthy blood sugar levels. Gymnema Sylvestre extract is incredible for persons with diabetes who are wishing to shed some weight. (22)  (23)  (24) 

How Long It Takes to Notice Weight Loss?

When you are consistent in your exercises, weight-training habits, and taking a fat burner regularly, it should start showing results in less than a week or two.

But remember…

…merely consuming a bottle full of fat burner supplement mindlessly isn’t going to help you much unless the fat loss journey is appropriately planned.

When you are on a fat burning supplement, you need to perform regular weight reduction workouts and follow a consistent low-calorie diet regime. This combination will give you incredible results for which you have been waiting since long.

I know it is frustrating to wait before you see a considerable reduction in weight. To lose a pound of bodyweight, you need to plan and monitor your food intake vs. energy expenditure rigorously.

No doubt supplementing with a fat burner is a great benefit shedding those year-old fat layers from your body, to ensure a steady result you need to do some calculations before you start moving.

Fat burners suppress appetite, make you feel energetic, manipulates your mood, which helps you kick-start your battle because of the ingredients present in them.

For a steady fat loss, you need to reduce the calories slowly, gradually. Suddenly cutting the numbers, going starvation or intermittent fasting though help you in the beginning, they have their side-effects. After a period, your body tries to adapt to the situation, thinking it as a crisis, and the progress becomes sluggish. It is called the rebound effect, and it starts putting back that fat which you lost.

Fat burners are mere supplements, which means they take part and aid in your “fight-with-fat” battle.

Using fat burning supplements while you exercise or diet maximises the effectiveness of those regimes.

What is Fat Burner Cycling?

Fat burners are a composition of certain chemicals having potential fat loss properties. As a law of nature using them over a certain period, your body gets used to them and becomes tolerant of the doses.

To avoid such problems, you need to cycle the fat burners at regular intervals.

Fat burner cycling is nothing but staying off from your regular fat burner supplementation for a couple of weeks. And then slowly starting it back again, in smaller doses than where you stopped.

Cycling is highly essential to prevent you from the gradual build-up of tolerance to the dosage.

When tolerance is increased, your body will no more increase the rate of breaking down the fat cells as it used to do in the same doses.

Then, your fat loss journey will hit a plateau. No more you will be getting the same results as you experienced before.

To avoid such issues, you need to take a break from using fat burners for some weeks and start it later on in its smallest recommended doses.

By checking the product labels, you can find the safe intake amounts in ‘recommended scoop size’. Measure them correctly and increase the amount-of-intake slowly as day-by-day.

You should use a ratio of 2 weeks ON to 1 week OFF for maintaining the cycling. Further, try modifying it to 3:1.5 or maybe 4:2 weeks.

Keep in mind:

Caffeine, a stimulant, which most of the popular fat burners use as a thermogenic, has some bad sides associated with it. One of the problems you face when you suddenly stop a fat burner is—Caffeine withdrawal. It will take some 2-3 days for your body to return to the state of living without caffeine.

Wrapping it up!

Losing weight has a simple rule—take fewer calories than what is burned!

The safest natural way of losing weight is eating less while burning more calories in physical activities. There are no other miraculous pills, regimes other than this.

However, adding supplements to your diet helps your metabolism and burns fat more effectively.

A fat burner from a well-known manufacturer, prepared following the scientific pieces of evidence, assures you a carefree and safe outcome. To understand this better, you should always have a look at the ingredients used in a supplement before purchasing.

Fat burners work more efficiently when paired with a balanced diet and regular exercise. They boost your endurance, help you stop binge-eating, and keep you motivated—throughout your weight-loss battle.

As you have read before, fat burners are nothing but ultimately a composition of some naturally occurring chemicals. Those chemicals, as soon as they enter into your body, they interact with several metabolic processes and start working. While it may take some time before you notice a change in your body-fat, you should stay patient without losing focus.

Another thing you should keep in mind before choosing a fat burner is—never to follow those buzz advertisements by any supplement brands. Always make sure to check their ingredients composition and find whether you have any allergies linked to them. This analysis will help you stay away from any unexpected side-effects.

The end goal is making your body lean, building a good posture, and having a healthy mass of lean muscles. In this journey, fat burners are indeed the best companions one can have.

Written by herbalfoo staff

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