How to use Fat Burners When on Diet and Routine Exercise

To make the best out of a fat burner, you need to create a strategy.

Think like:

  • the diet is your gun
  • exercise is the bullet
  • weight-loss is your target
  • and… fat cells are the prey
  • while ‘fat burner’ is the trigger!

Each of the above has its own significance in your fat-loss-battle. So, the strategy should never ignore any of the aspects.

Do a little math. Calculate the calories you are ingesting and find out their various sources.

Cutting down the unhealthy sources will save you some calories to replace with other healthy options.

Here is what you need to consider asking yourself:

  • What should be your end-goal-weight?
  • Where do you want to see your weight after “X” days/months?
  • Whether you want to grow some muscle or to get leaner?
  • Whether you want to maintain a consistent weight that you gained from your recent dieting?
  • Whether you have any medical complications that may interact with the ingredients from your fat burner?

Prepare a brief list of such questions and jot down the answers. This way, you can see your goal becoming clearer.

When you are done, take the help of a nutrition professional for a solid diet plan and refer a fitness expert for a suiting workout program.

After you complete the tasks, it is now time for you to combine a fat burner with your diet and fit it within the workout schedule.

If you are starting out new, first learn about the timings when it is best to take a fat burner. It will help you plan your day better.

Pairing up a cardio session with a fat burner, and a little running every day will be of tremendous help to maximize the results. A low-intensity workout with a high-intensity cardio session works best for rapid fat loss.

Running a marathon is not necessary—instead, emphasize on shorter durations with light intensity. It burns fat better than the high-intensity running sessions.

Taking a fat burner supplement before a ‘fasting cardio’ is more helpful for an instant boost in fat loss.  It happens because the supplement will be providing you with all the required energy for a cardio session by burning fat-as-fuel.

The cortisol blocking ingredients present in fat burners help you stay focused and provide extra motivation which aids you in sticking to your goal for long.

Supplementing Fat Burners Without Dieting

As I have said even before, fat burners are no magic pills that will cut down the thick fat layers weighing you down—in a blink. They simply aid your fat-burning mission.

However, some fat loss supplements called ‘thermogenic fat burners’ can help you lose some fat even when you are not dieting. Thermogenic fat burners increase your body’s typical metabolic rate. As a result, it burns around 100-200 more calories per day, even at rest.

Still, for maximum results in minimum time, pairing up a regular exercise and a proper diet is highly essential.

Written by herbalfoo staff

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