Stop Making These 6 Facial Expressions That Are Causing Wrinkles On Your Face

No one wants wrinkles.

They are a massive concern not only for elderly and middle-aged people but for pretty young ones as well.

Women are very affected by them and would do nearly anything to make them go away. There is a whole anti-aging industry.

There are many reasons why wrinkles occur. It is not just about the ruthless hands of time, though obviously, this is the main bad guy as it degrades the skin beyond repair. As the cells are aging and the natural processes slow down, the skin gets more and more wrinkles.

Still, despite the fact that no one can be wrinkle-free forever, some of them can be prevented. Did you know that you might be doing a few things that speed up the formation of wrinkles?

One of them is related to facial expressions. When a face muscle is involved, it makes the skin fold. Doing the same thing over and over will make it a permanent feature.

You are not getting any younger so time is never your ally either. This is how a temporary crease that lasts for a few seconds can turn into a wrinkle that is there to stay.

These are the most frequent facial expressions that cause wrinkles: –

#1 Making funny faces:

Inna and Making Funny Faces Photograph

It might be fun to see yourself in the mirror and it might make others smile, but you won’t be laughing when your face will get wrinkles.

 #2 Frowning:

It doesn’t have any advantage and it also betrays your negative feelings. If you can avoid it, don’t hesitate to do so.

#3 Pouting:

pouting girls

This one really doesn’t make you more attractive in the long term.

#4 Squinting

Squinting Girl

It would be best to either get an eye check or sunglasses as this expression might require ophthalmologic attention.

#5 Raising your eyebrows

Related image

It might show surprise, but you will get the same feeling when you will get new wrinkles too.

#6 Laughing


Even the most cheerful expression can bring along wrinkles. But this is certainly the one that you shouldn’t consider giving up.

There are a few skin aging causes that you can simply avoid such as smoking, but refraining from showing any emotion would be too extreme. After all, a genuine smile can make your day so that is certainly not something you want to forget about.

However, it is possible to work on avoiding unnecessary facial expressions such as funny faces. Trying to keep calm will diminish other negative expressions.

Some women think of wrinkles whenever they feel like pouting or frowning. That sure freezes the face.

You can observe various kinds of photos. See how you look when you are exaggerating with the facial expressions. Probably you won’t even find those very flattering. Then notice your laugh. That one is a keeper.

It takes a bit of discipline, but controlling some of your emotions and preventing early wrinkles caused by them will be actively contributing to a more youthful look. So reducing soliciting expressions is something definitely taking into account irrespective of your age.


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