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Essential Oils For Snoring : Super Effective Remedy

Let’s talk about how to use essential oils for snoring. 

For people in hurry

If you are in hurry and looking for quick answer on how to use essential oils for snoring: I found that using Respir-Aid from plant therapy is the best solution. Because It’s natural, inexpensive($10) and super effective.

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Many people deal with snoring each night. Generally, family members, spouses, and loved ones will wake them up and tell them to roll over due to the snoring. This can make them lose sleep and the ones that can hear them lose sleep. Many people think that snoring is something that is completely harmless, but it can actually be a health problem. That is why finding relief for it is important. Sleep apnea, for example, is generally found when the snoring problem becomes worse. There are many other health problems that can be found when snoring is a general symptom.

There are many natural ways to help with snoring and one of these is by using essential oils. When the snoring gets too bad, there are some fantastic essential oils that can help!

My husband Chad(39) has been struggling a lot with snoring lately. Like A lot. I’ve known him for almost 15 years now. 
It shattered his social confidence. Just a mere thought of sleeping somewhere else other than home would make him anxious.

On top of that he was hiding from the situation and he was not even willing to see a doctor. 

I could not see him like this. As a result I took matter into my hands and geeked to find at a solution that is effective, inexpensive and comes with no-side effects. 

In my quest to perfect solution, the next logical question would be:

What Causes Snoring?

After reading few books and journals here is what I found:

Snoring happens when we cannot get the air in our nose and throat to move when we are sleeping. Some of us notice that if we sleep on another side or position, the snoring will stop. For others, there is no relief if they change their position(Chad was of this type). Many of us will snore on our back, while others snore while sleeping on their side.

There are plenty of other things that can cause snoring and another one is allergies and sinuses. When we have a build up of mucus in our throat, nose, and lungs, it can be incredibly difficult to breathe and that can cause snoring. Smoking and diet are also reasons for snoring. When we gain weight, it can become more difficult to sleep without snoring because it will become harder to breathe.

Drinking and alcohol are also culprits of that causes snoring. When we drink alcohol, it has a tendency to relax our muscles and bodies. This means that it can relax the throat and nose. This can make breathing tougher especially when we sleep.

Chad drinks very occasionally.  

So many people snore and will do anything to find relief.

While searching for perfect solution, I came across a reddit post where a lady from Baltimore asked the same question as mine. 

One of the answer said, I rub an essential oil blend on husbands collar while he is asleep and bingo, pin drop silence. 

I was super excited! 

I sent PM to the lady but she never responded. But thankfully I narrowed my research on using essential oils for snoring instead of asking questions like treatments for snoring. 

Then I came across this study. 

Using Essential Oils for Snoring

In 2004, A double blinded study revealed a significant relief in snoring reported by their bed companions. Participants were given an essential oil formulation in form of spray and gargle.

These were the essential oils they used for snoring:

  • Mint – 
  • Lemon
  • Clove oil
  • Pine oil
  • Fennel 
  • Sage 
  • Thyme
  • Citronella 
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Mastic
  • Pine

The results were promising. 82% people reported relief. But I was so overwhelmed with this exhaustive list and I didn’t wanted to get in to the dilution ratio stuff. Then I though it’s a 15 year old study, someone somewhere must have made a readymade blend for us to use. 

I searched on amazon for “Essential oils for snoring” and that’s when I found this magical blend called Respir Aid Synergy from Plant therapy. It was only $10 bucks. 

Go and read reviews for yourself. 

I bought a pair of bottles using the prime and it arrived same evening. 

The label said you can either add it to diffuser or inhaler. 

I was so excited that I rubbed it directly on his polo neck collar and it was the quietest night my bedroom has experienced in months. 

Next morning I told him that you didn’t snored a tiny bit last night. 

He gave me a very weird look and asked are you practicing witch craft?

I handed him the respir-aid bottle and guess what he was impressed. 

The he did his part of the research and he was convinced. 

Now he carries a bottle with him when he travels.

On top of that even if he skips for 5-6 days it’s still quiet. The magical blend is working. 

That was my story. I hope it wasn’t too much boring. Please let me know in the comments your experience with Respir-aid.

Written by herbalfoo staff

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