Easy Thigh Wraps For Cellulite [DIY]

I am super stoked about making my own DIY body wraps these days. Typically, I use body wraps to when I want my skill to look smooth and soft. Thats’ usually tummy. But recently It struck me that why not try them on thighs and see if it works?

It has been roughly 7-8 months now, me wrapping them thighs, they’ve become incredibly soft in comparison to before when I started.

Apart from using these thigh wraps, I am also doing rigorous weight training, staying hydrated and keeping my nutrition in check. So there is that, that I think aids in reducing my cellulite.

But still, I am yet to get my head around on- how on the earth a lot of women can spend crazy amount of money on these self proclaimed magical wraps, when you can make it yourself at home?

It is natural for sure, its super cost effective and sustainable in the long run.

So, how do I make myself a cellulite thigh-wrap that actually works?

The key ingredient here is: caffeine 

Caffein tightens your skin when applied topically and supplies ample amount of antioxidants to the skin.  When applied religiously, it has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite—especially over time.

We will mix grounded coffee with simple coconut oil and sea salt so that it also functions as an exfoliate. You can massage this mixture using a dry brush onto any problem area, you’ll stimulate blood flow resulting in smoother, firmer skin.Picture of tools needed to make diy cellulite thigh wrap

Easy Thigh Wraps For Cellulite [DIY]

Easy Thigh Wraps For Cellulite [DIY]


    1. Combine ingredients in a glass measuring jar and microwave for 30 seconds to melt the oil.
    2. Stir and pour into an air-tight container.
    3. Use once per week. Massage mixture into your thighs and wrap tightly with seran wrap. Let sit for one hour or so-maybe turn on a Netflix show and get lost.
    4. Shower off and pat your legs dry
    5. Optional: use the brush afterwards to help remove excess lymph


    Written by herbalfoo staff