Dry Brushing For Skin: How To Do It and 4 Awe-inspiring Benefits

Dry Brushing on the back

Being an age-old process, Dry brushing has proved to be effective for the skin from various aspects. The process works by increasing the lymph flow in your body, exfoliating skin, improving blood circulation, and whatnot. Having too many benefits has made this practice a favorite treatment for making skin smoother. 

You would be surprised to know that this practice has managed to make its place on the menu of many spas at the hotels and centers. From rendering help with lymphatic drainage to making your skin smoother, dry brushing has various potential benefits and we are going to discuss all of them thoroughly in this article. 

Keep reading to learn the right away to do dry brushing for the skin along with its potential benefits.

What Is It?

Dry Brushing for beginners

Basically, dry-brushing is exactly what it sounds, which is brushing your skin with a dry brush in a particular pattern. Professional suggests using this method before showering to be more accurate than doing it after.

In dry-brushing, the movement of the brush usually goes from downward to upward, basically against gravity. It starts from the feet and goes upward to your heart. 

What Are The Benefits of Dry Brushing?

We only try something new for our body or skin only when it has some potential benefits to it. Well, you would be thrilled to know that the advantages of dry brushing would probably out-number any of your other wellness practices.

Apart from making you feel great and adding smoothness to your skin, dry brushing is known for its other meaningful benefits that are listed below:

1. Exfoliation

Women using dry brush to exfoliate her skin

After being disappointed by many scrubs that claim to completely exfoliate your skin, your only savior is dry brushing. With only the first try, you will start noticing the difference as it gets pretty evident. 

The process proves to be so effective because as you move the dry brush over your skin, the dead skin cells get naturally removed and it also loosens up the surface skin which results in a much efficient exfoliation than any of your expensive scrubs. 

2. Lymphatic Support


If you are not already aware of the importance of your lymphatic system then let us enlighten you. Being a major part of your immune system, the whole lymphatic system is made of lymph nodes, vessels, and ducts. The primary function of your lymphatic system is to transport the lymph in your entire body. 

The lymph vessels that we mentioned remain right under the surface of your skin and that is why when you perform dry brushing the circulation in the vessels increases as a result of the continuous movement. 

And this could mean only one thing, which is the stimulation in the lymph flow in your body. In this way, dry brushing helps in the natural detoxification of your body. 

3. Natural Energy Boost

Who wouldn’t want a natural energy boost without fueling yourself with caffeine? Probably not the coffee addicts. But if you want to feel energized naturally, dry brushing is your calling. This is also a part of the reason why dry brushing should be done in the morning instead of at night.

A theory to support this as given by experts is that due to the stimulation in blood circulation flow it naturally makes you feel energized and that is why most people have made it their early morning routine.

4. Helps in Cleaning Pores

Pore cleaning process

This may be the most valuable benefit of dry brushing for people who are suffering from skin problems. The process helps you in cleaning pores and even the smallest ones! We have already added exfoliation as one of its perks in the beginning, but this one is so important that it needs a special mention.

It helps your body by clearing oil, dirt, and residues from the pores. But remember, when you are using this on your face, you should go for a smaller and gentler dry brush because if you go for a stiffer one, it can damage the sensitive skin of your face.

How To Select The Right Brush for Dry Brushing?

A major part of doing dry brushing the right way is the selection of the right brush for it. Because believe us when we say, that the wrong equipment for the work will do more harm than good. 

Using a firm brush having natural bristles is highly recommended. If you want to make the experience more convenient for you, go for a brush with a long handle. A long brush will also allow you to reach your entire back easily hence covering the whole body.

Below we have suggested some good products for dry brushing that are highly recommended by the users:



Method Of Doing Dry Brushing The Right Way


To start with, first, it should be noted that dry brushing could be performed on a daily basis preferably in the morning before you take a shower. This is because all the dead cells and residues can be removed during showering.

Use a gentle brush and apply soft pressure on your body, you can gradually replace your brush with a firmer one. Following the below-given steps to perform dry brushing the right way:

1. Start from the feet, then slowly take the movement in the upward direction. You can use long strokes for your legs but remind yourself to keep it smooth initially. Perform the process at one place till ten strokes generally. 

For better lymph flow, perform strokes towards the heart because that is the part of your body where the lymph system drains.

2. Remember the thumb rule and use the strokes towards the center of your body. 

3. The same thing that you did with your legs, you have to follow for your arms. Start from the palm, and move it in an upward direction, use ten strokes per section of your body.

4. You can use the circular clockwise rotation for your stomach and armpits. Be extra gentle for your armpits as they have pretty sensitive skin.

5. Now repeat the same process on your back and rest of the body but do remember to switch to a delicate brush for your face. 

6. You can exfoliate affected area, especially thighs using a dry brush before doing a thigh wrap

Caution: Dry Brushing should not be hurtful at all. It is natural for your body to become pink, but if the color gets darker than that or you start feeling burnt, then make the process gentler. 

Also, make sure you replace your brush every 6 to 8 months, because the bristles tend to wear out and in that condition, it is of no use. And washing your brush regularly after using is also mandatory to get rid of the dead cells stuck in the brush. 

The Experts’ Say

After acknowledging so many benefits of a simple process such as dry brushing, it is natural to wonder how does it work. Well, the answer is pretty simple and it is not just our words, but it is supported by science too. 

Not only it exfoliates your skin but makes it tight too. That is the reason why pregnant women use it more often. Being an invigorating, low-cost, and easy process, dry brushing can be used as a daily habit to keep your skin healthy in check. 

However, Dry Brushing is definitely not a medical treatment for cellulite as claimed by some renowned dermatologists. According to Dr. Cate Shanahan, Cellulite is genetic and could also be the result of polyunsaturated omega-6 in our diets. 

He dismisses all claims that say the dry brushing can help with the removal of cellulite despite the fact that many people personally witnessed the difference themselves. 

Scientists also believe that the evidence that points towards the fact that dry brushing can help with the removal of cellulite is purely anecdotal. Also, Doctors believe that to consider dry brushing a legitimate medical treatment, they will have to so much more research first. 

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Warning For Sensitive Skin

No matter how many benefits a process or a product holds, always pay attention to what is suitable for your body. People with a history of eczema or bearers of sensitive skin may experience skin damage from dry brushing. And when you do, stop immediately.

In such a condition, you shouldn’t ignore warnings like discomfort, itchiness, redness, pain, etc. Even people with normal skin could witness this if they use the method in their sensitive area. 

So make sure that you don’t torture your body after being intimidated by the idea of having smoother skin because that’s not how a human body works and you will end up doing much harm to yourself. 

The Bottom Line 

Smooth Skin is definitely on everybody’s body wellness checklist, we try so many expensive products, services to get the skin that feels soft as a fur. But often we forget that there are much easy, less-investement ways available in the market that could give you your dream skin with an even better rate of effectiveness. And Dry brushing stands at the top of that list.

We hope we were able to help you with the help of this article and you enjoyed reading it. If you have any queries, suggestions, or feedback, you can give it to us in the comment section below and we will make sure to get back to you. 


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