9 Designer Face Masks: Make A Style Statement With Your Choice

Looks like we all will have to bear with wearing face masks for a long time now, so why not make it a style statement? I know none of us even in our wildest imaginations would have thought about the day where we witnessed everyone on the street with their face half-covered with a piece of cloth, but as the day is already here, why not make it count with your exquisite collection of designer face masks.

Wearing the face masks is the government protocol but the type of mask is your personal choice. From designer masks to transparent ones, the market is currently filled with an ocean of choices to choose from. 

The pandemic that we are experiencing right now has put many restrictions in leading our daily life but we have the choice to make the best of the part that is in our control. For many weeks, the CDC has been recommending the public to only step out of their houses wearing the masks and since it is a compulsion now, you are going to need them for sure.

Now that you are already buying them, It is no surprise that you are gonna start looking for some aesthetically pleasing one that could compensate for hiding the fair amount of real estate on your face. With that being said, here we are presenting some of the best designer face masks from Etsy that will help you make a style statement. 

The E-commerce platform claimed that with the constantly increasing demand of face masks or let’s say the designer face masks, people were searching for it on their website for an average of 9 times per second, which makes the designer face masks, very high in demand.  

From basic solid ones to match your dress, pretty pastels to make you bloom, the graphic prints that make you outshine, minimal design to make you one-of-a-kind, to your favorite character themed ones, these masks are made especially just for you so that you don’t seem them as an enemy for hiding the glory of your face, but as a fashion accessory that will make you stand out.

1. Babies And Band-IT

Gucci Face Mask
Image Credit : Etsy

USD $18.00

Get your hands on these luxurious handmade designer masks which are listed as the bestseller on Etsy. With more than a hundred sales in such a short time, these soft-as-a-fur masks have become everyone’s favorite. 

These famous brands themed designer face masks, come in three types, the Louis Vuitton themed, Gucci themed, and Chanel themed. So pick your favorite brand mask and walk on the streets like a royalty. 

2. MaskoCo

Image Courtesy : Etsy

USD $12.28

If being minimal with your preferences is your choice, then these five-shades nude masks are for you. The different shades of the masks are per the skin tone of the customers. The brand claims to provide maximum protection with comfort. 

These cotton masks will feel so soft against the skin of your face and that’s a major part of the reason why users are highly recommending it. 

3. Spicy Home Interior

Image Courtesy : Etsy

USD $14.95

Laces are known for adding an edge to your apparels and now it is all set to glorify your face masks. This lacy-designer collection of masks by Spicy Home Interior is perfect for special occasions. If you don’t believe us then you should read the reviews on the website where people claimed to be wearing them on their wedding day!

Well, what more evidence do you need to guess the beauty of these lacy masks. Unsurprisingly, these pretty masks are listed as bestsellers on the website. 

4. Livingre

Image Courtesy : Etsy

USD $15.80

AUDI, Mercedes, Porsche may be a little too expensive to own, but their brand themed masks are absolutely affordable. Livingre has designed their masks famous cars brand themed to make the public feel the luxury of one of the richest cars in the world.

The handmade masks with breathable material will make you feel like royalty as you wear them. Owing these luxurious brands is still a dream for many, but at least you can feel a part of it with these face masks.

5. Passion for PPE

Image Courtesy: Etsy


USD $9.68 Onwards

Till now we presented the softness of cotton, now it’s time to witness the silkiness of Satin. The high-quality satin masks look gorgeous with only the first glimpse. The pleated design of this mask is for making it more convenient for the users.  

These designer face masks with solid color come in five shades, black, grey, navy, pink and red, and each one looks better than the other. 

6. Face Mask Queen

Image Courtesy: Etsy


USD $16.99

If maximalism is your style, then we have the perfect mask for you. These Coco-Chanel themed masks, titled as BILLIONAIRE designer face mask is filled with every color and the graphics are brand themed. 

With almost a thousand sales, it is no wonder that this designer mask is one of the bestsellers on the website. This highly rated 7-layered mask comes with an activated carbon filter. The users who brought it, are totally satisfied with their product and have recommended it for others.

7. H House Cards 

Image Courtesy: Etsy


USD $7.99 Onwards 

With a variety of prints and bright colors, these happy-go-lucky masks are for enthusiastic people who look for vibrant colors in their choices. You can choose from different prints and colors presented on the website and the great thing is that it comes in two sizes for kids and adults.

These cute masks come with a filter pocket as well as a nose wire. A nose wire prevents the passage of air or molecules from between the gap present on the side of your noses. So, you see, they are very effective too. 

8. Miss Billies Vintage

Image Courtesy: Etsy


 USD $39.99

Hold your breath, because you are about to be stunned with this astonishing beauty. The Cleopatra face mask veil will make you feel like a queen. The light and soft masks not only offer comfort and effectiveness but luxury and royalty too. 

It is no wonder that this mask is one of the bestsellers on the website and have sold hundreds of them in such a short time. The veil of the mask makes it stand out from the rest and it outshines the beauty of any other mask available on the website. So don’t miss out on your chance to own this gorgeous mask.

9. GLITZYGLMstore 

Image Courtesy: Etsy

USD $26.10

Anyone would buy this designer face mask in a heartbeat who is in love with diamonds. And let’s face it, who aren’t? The crystal bling diamond face mask is made from rhinestones and is an absolute bestseller on the website. It has a white base and is made for the brides to wear on their special day because obviously they deserve something special. 

For those, not having a wedding anytime soon, you don’t need some special occasion to own this beauty, in fact, create your own special moment with this one-of-a-kind designer face mask and outshine everybody with your charisma.

The Bottom Line

Face masks are no fashion accessory, but we can use it to create a style statement, or at least give them a chance to make up for what they are taking from you, which is a chance to charm everyone with your beauty. 

As per the instruction given by CDC, these masks are a compulsion, and now that you are going to need them more often, investing in something that makes you feel great about yourself is always worth it.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do let us know in the comment section how you liked this article. Also if you have any queries or suggestions you can give it to us by commenting below, we will make sure to get back to you. 

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