Using Coconut Oil For Dry Skin Will Bring These Surprising Benefits

Have you ever wondered what coconut oil for dry skin can do?

Are these creams and moisturizers on the market not helping?

You’re not alone, dry skin is a very common problem.

And it gets even worse in winter, drying it, even more, exposing its cracks.

But is dry skin a genetic fact?

It is one of its causes,[1] but not the only one. Recent studies show that exposure to environmental factors also causes it.[2] No matter which is the cause or causes that lead to dry skin, the end result is not visually nice. This can really hurt self-esteem. Let’s face it, dry skin also denies women the chance to feel the well-being and confidence from having a healthy, glowing skin.

This article will talk about the using coconut oil for dry skin. It will also discuss the benefits of coconut oil for overall health.

Harsh Chemicals, Hidden Health Risks

Harmful chemicals in creams

The solution for most women is to opt for expensive creams that have chemicals. But not all of them, for example, women in the West rely on cumbersome treatments to keep their skin flexible. Also, according to recent research, some of their tropical sisters have a beautiful well-balanced skin too. So, the question is: Is it all down to just where you and live and how much exposure you are having to the sun? Nope. It also has a lot to do with the food they eat and what they applied on their skin.

Not Just Healthy Skin but Thick, Shiny Hair Too

Is a great skin the only holistic benefit of coconut oil? Of course not! It can really help many women who suffer from hair loss, balding, or just thin hair. Some women just don’t naturally have that beautiful hair they want. They may have chosen natural or synthetic hair wigs at hair salons or gone in for hair extensions. If that is your case, don’t give up! Have you ever wondered where that hair-extension that gives you those long, beautiful locks comes from? They come from a culture that not only applies coconut oil to the skin but also uses it for cooking. It works for them and it can definitely work for you too.

Tropical hair

Maybe the hair extension came from a follower in India having hair shaved off as an offering to temple divinity,[3] After that, it might have been processed in China before reaching you. This means that the importance many tropical cultures give to using coconut oil to massage their hair and scalp has great results! It ends up being so strong that it will make it through several stages of processing before reaching your head. The benefits of coconut oil, while huge for dry skin as we shall see, also apply to hair retention.

Coconut Oil—Cocktail of Goodness

Coconut oil enthusiasts around the world will not be surprised. It’s packed with great nutrients such as saturated fats, lauric, and capric acid, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamin E and K, among others. Coconut oil is a body oil, antioxidant, moisturizer, hair revitalizer, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal agent all into one![4]

Here is how Coconut Oil will help dry skin.

Prevents Drying and Cracking of Lips

Dry Lips

Applying coconut oil in moderate amounts can prevent drying and cracking of lips. Many creams and soaps contain coconut oil as an important or main ingredient. So, if you go back to the basis, you can have the same result doing away with all the chemicals.

Vitamin E- Protects Skin Cells from Damage

The huge amounts of Vitamin E in coconut oil get into the skin and protect skin cells from damage.

Oil Based Moisturizer- Revitalizes Dry Skin

A picture of melted coconut oil

The high amount of saturated fatty acids and antioxidants in coconut oil help cellular repair. They also prevent premature drying and deadening of skin. You don’t have to wait to test it, the faster you start, the sooner you will see results!

Fights Scalp-Drying and DandruffDry, irritable skin causes dandruff when it extends to your scalp. According to recent tests, massaging Coconut oil daily on the scalp helps to prevent it Also, eliminating all hair parasites is just a bonus!

Prevents Wounds, Wound-Infection, and Boils

Friction can easily open a very dry, irritable skin (including scratching). Coconut oil’s Vitamin E smoothen the skin and prevents infections. It’s not an invitation to scratching, but you won’t have to worry about it again!

Useful Against Skin-Related Problems

If your case is like that of many women who suffer from dermatitis, or eczema, coconut oil is the answer. Its external application helps to prevent the deterioration of the skin. Also, eating or cooking with it (it as an oil to cook food, for example) helps too, but from the inside. Coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acids which are easy to break. This will provide your body with a simple source of fat and energy. Using it this way dramatically helps the internal nourishment that often prevents skin problems. It also helps a lot in the treatment of various skin problems, including psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema, among others.

Reduces Stress

You can reduce stress by simply massaging coconut oil on your body. This can often be the true reason behind a dry skin, especially a dry scalp. Get rid of that stress and welcome your new skin, relaxing sometimes is the key to a better health.

Reduces Wrinkles and Prevents Sagging

facial wrinkles

Wrinkles and sagging are something we are all destined to one day. If you also happen to have a dry skin, it can be a great home for microbial infections. Coconut oil has anti-microbial properties that will shield your skin so you don’t have to worry about them ever again.

Weight Loss and Reduced Skin Stretching

Short- and medium-chain fatty acids compose coconut oil. These chains are easy to break down by the body and also carry less energy than other longer-chain fatty acids. This little difference helps dramatically to reduce weight, especially that difficult abdominal one. While doing this, coconut oil also helps in preventing dry skin-related pores or cracks.

Nonallergenic for Most Skin-Types

A big advantage of coconut oil is that it does not cause allergies for most skin types. Cases of people having mild reactions are rare and severe ones even rarer. Coconut oil is something most people in the world can benefit from![5]

Cumulative Effects That Promote Overall Health

Coconut oil improves immunity, boosts digestion and heart health Recent studies also show that it prevents diabetes, and has positive effects on Alzheimer’s patients. Always remember that a dry skin is another part of your overall health. If this last one improves, the tone of your skin will very likely improve too to reflect it.

Coconut Oil—The Holistic Skin-Care Solution

Coconut is the ultimate replacement for many products filled with chemicals and bad practices. The whole world is realizing about the harmful ingredients many beauty products have and is turning back to natural solutions. Coconut oil has multiple benefits to offer all consumers and it could be applied in a wide variety of situations. Think of a relaxing weekend skin massage with coconut oil to make it beautiful until the next week. Or maybe a daily rub to prevent an itchy skin just before going to bed. These practices will not only be of a great pleasure to you, they will aid your health enormously!

Everyone can enjoy it!

Besides, it is for everyone since the amount can be adjusted depending on your type of skin. Women with oily skin may need to use coconut oil less frequently than women with dry skin. But all people can benefit from this awesome gift from nature.

The Holistic Result

To better understand the effect of using Coconut Oil externally and internally, we should talk about a holistic result. It will deeply clean your skin and make it smooth like butter, but also help your nutrition and your overall health. You will experience a sense of comfort with your own body you haven’t had in a long time. This is because the result of each improvement add to the general and it ends up being more than the sum of the parts. No other skin product on the market can match it.

Healthy, Balanced Skin + Good Health

Which are the extra benefits of using coconut oil besides revitalizing your dry skin? Some of the improvements you will experience are

  • A significant reduction in heart problems.
  • A better digestion.
  • The loss of that difficult abdominal fat.
  • Better-looking hair.

These are some of the benefits recently discovered. The scientific community thinks there are more to come!

Final Words:

It is important to note that coconut oil is by no means a silver bullet. It will improve the mentioned areas a lot, but still, it is not a miracle. The application of the coconut oil by itself won’t be enough for your skin after decades of neglect. Also, those who are smokers, heavy drinkers or have eating disorders, need to know that coconut oil will not solve them. To unleash the true power of this incredible natural product, it has to be combined with a healthy lifestyle.



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