How To Use Chamomile Tea For Cold and Flu And How It Works

Chamomile Tea For Cold

You’ve seen and read the articles, right? 

The ones touting chamomile tea as the magic cure for colds and flu. 

And you’ve wondered, could this possibly be true? 

Well, while chamomile tea isn’t a miracle cure for all that ails you, it can certainly be highly beneficial when it comes to preventing and curing colds and flu.

In fact, studies have concluded that chamomile tea can successfully battle both fever and flu.

You see, when you are down with a cold or the flu you might not realize it, but you also have inflammation in various parts of your respiratory tract. 

Chamomile tea is the answer!

Yes, you read that right.

Chamomile tea contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents and lessens the creation of mucus. 

But that’s not all. 

It also has antimicrobial and sleep-inducing qualities.

Combined together these properties pack a knockout wallop that takes out the symptoms associated with cold and flu — sore throats, chest congestion, etc., and provides relief.

How Chamomile Works to Cure Colds and Flu

So you want to learn how chamomile helps ease the aches and discomfort of flu? 

Well pay attention and you’ll find out all about it. 

Chamomile is a popular herb that is used for various ailments. 

However, it is perhaps best known as a tea. 

It has a marvelous ability to strengthen the immune system and aid the body in defending itself against infections such as the common cold and the flu. 

A study done in Germany has proven that small amounts of chamomile serve to kill two dangerous strains of bacterias: 

streptococcus and staphylococcus.

One more advantage to chamomile is that it increases the creation within the body of what is called the human steroid, namely cortisone.

Now hold on, don’t go away because we’re not through yet.  There’s more good news! 

In addition to the above, chamomile tea relaxes your mind, guaranteeing a solid night’s sleep, which is a must when you are trying to recover from the flu.  Plus chamomile is mild, making it great for the elderly and children, who might have digestive disturbances from something stronger.

How to use chamomile tea or clods/ flu 

If you are determined to make this coming fall and winter cold and flu free, then now is the time to begin including a hot cup of chamomile tea in your normal daily consumption of food and drink. 

That’s because chamomile tea works best when you make a habit of drinking it regularly.

The ideal time to have a cup of chamomile tea is at night when it is nearing your bedtime. 

Apart from soothing away tension and enabling you to relax, leading to a satisfying night’s sleep, the flavonoids found in chamomile also act to sustain and strengthen the immune system.


So in a nutshell, here’s what we discussed.  Adding chamomile tea to your daily diet will provide you with protection from colds and flu by empowering your immune system. 

Once you become sick, however, all is not lost.  You can still drink chamomile tea because of its ability to fight infections, prevents mucus production, shortens the duration, and soothes away the aches and generally lousy feeling that accompany having a severe cold or flu.   

Written by herbalfoo staff

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