I Used Bio Oil For Stretch Marks Every Day : Here Is What You Should Know

You have a wedding of a close family member to attend!

Isn’t that exciting?

Actually, not much!

The problem is you have only 2 or 3 months left to get rid of the stretch marks on your tummy.

You can’t wait to wear the beautiful Kanjeevaram Silk saree you had purchased during your south India tour last year.

But, you didn’t get a chance to wear it, thanks to your pregnancy and the baby bump that soon followed.

Now that your cousin is getting married, you can’t miss the chance! But, what about the stretch marks?


You must have heard of Bio-Oil and its benefits for improving skin and reducing stretch marks. But, you hardly have much time left to try out something without being sure of the results.

I can understand. Then, why don’t you spend a few minutes to read this honest review and clear your doubts about the effectiveness of Bio-Oil?

This will help you decide if you can rely on Bio-Oil or have to look for other alternatives.

Let’s begin with what is Bio Oil and what does it contain….

What is Bio-Oil?

Bio- Oil is a natural skin care formula. It contains a blend of four essential oils including Calendula, Rosemary, Lavender, and Chamomile.

It also has nutrients essential for the skin health such as vitamin A and E.

It is enriched with the trademarked ingredient PurCellin Oil.  PurCellin Oil promotes the absorption of the ingredients into the lower layers of the skin. This allows for a deeper effect of the plant oils rather than a superficial effect.

Other ingredients of Bio-Oil include:

  • Isopropyl Myristate
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Retinyl Palmitate
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Wild Soybean oil
  • Bisabolol
  • Coumarin
  • Eugenol

Now, let’s come back to whether Bio-Oil can actually allow you to wear your favorite saree at the wedding.  Here is all you need to know about the action of Bio-Oil ingredients on the skin.

How do the natural Bio-oil ingredients work to reduce starch marks?

Calendula oil improves skin elasticity

During pregnancy, the tummy stretches to accommodate the growing baby. However, the skin cannot regain its original tone due to the loss of elasticity following delivery. This is the primary cause of the post-pregnancy stretch marks.

Calendula possesses the potential to improve the skin elasticity and thus, reduces stretch marks.

A study published in the Scientica Pharmaceutica has also affirmed the moisturizing properties of Calendula oil. It can prevent dryness of the skin thus promoting its natural health.

Chamomile oil improves skin tone

According to a study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Chamomile oil can produce a soothing effect on the skin.

This can help to reduce redness and itching over the stretch marks and prevent them from becoming visibly evident. It can even out the skin tone by maintaining normal pigmentation.

Rosemary oil promotes skin repair

According to a study published in the Pharmaceutics, Rosemary oil might be beneficial for reducing stretch marks. It works by producing an inflammatory effect.

It can also hydrate the skin with its natural oil content. This can improve the ability of the skin to repair, which can be great for reducing stretch marks and even scars!

Lavender oil process a protective effect

A study conducted at the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine has provided evidence for the wound healing potential of Lavender oil.

It works as a natural antioxidant and protects the skin against damage by toxins and free radicals. This property can help to restore the natural skin tone. It will also minimize the harmful effect of chemicals in soaps, moisturizers, etc.

Vitamins support the skin structure

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are essential nutrients for improving the skin health. A study published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal has indicated that vitamin A can reduce stretch marks. It works by regulating keratinization of the skin.

These vitamins also produce an antioxidant effect. They protect the skin against harmful toxins in the skincare products. This can help to preserve the elasticity and promote the skin health.

Some other benefits of Bio-Oil…

You can apply Bio-Oil on other skin parts and hair. You can enjoy other benefits with Bio-Oil such as:

  • Prevents excessive dryness, scaling, and cracks
  • Delays the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines
  • Fades away scars, acne, and burns
  • Maintains an even skin tone by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmented patches
  • Reduces hair fall

Things I liked

  • Contains anti-aging nutrients like vitamin A and E
  • Can be applied on face, and even hair
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Non-greasy texture
  • Faster absorption rate
  • No known risk of allergies
  • Mild and pleasant herbal aroma
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Packed in a see-through bottle for checking the contents left
  • Comes with a leaflet that has guidelines for the method of application

Things I didn’t like

  • You might need to use it for a longer period to get noticeable results.
  • May not be suitable for the people with an extremely oily skin

How To Use Bio Oil?

If you are busy with the wedding preparations, Bio-Oil won’t take much of your time. It hardly takes a couple of minutes to apply it on the skin.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Rub a few drops of the oil between your fingers.
  • Massage it on the affected area in a slow, circular motion.
  • Apply it twice a day for at least 2 months to see the desired results.

I would say Bio-Oil is worth trying considering you still have 2 to 3 months left for the wedding. It might help lessen the stretch marks and create an even skin tone.

Use this oil on a regular basis to derive faster and more effective results.

You can continue using it till the stretch marks or scars fade considerably. You can also apply it on other skin parts to improve the health of your skin and look more attractive.

Not just you, anyone with stretch marks can use Bio-Oil to reduce them in a safe and natural way.

I won’t take much of your time now…

Now that you have read the review, make sure you grab your share of Bio-Oil at the earliest. Use it regularly as recommended for effective results.

The only risk here is you might take the attention away from the couple getting married! I wouldn’t mind it if I was in your place!

What about you?

Ohh By the way, here is the link for you to check out bio oil on Amazon.

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Written by herbalfoo staff

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  1. My daughter used Bio Oil from the time she found out she was pregnant until now.. she used it on her breasts nightly after her bath and her legs and hips and tummy she is a very small girl about 110 pds and had a 8.4 oz baby and weighted 135 when the baby was born.. she absolutely has no stretch marks on her body anywhere.. it’s the most amazing oil I have ever seen.. she has had another child in her 30’s and again not one stretch mark.. she got all 3 of her sister using it and myself.. I am 65 and use it on my face like we all do under all my makeup and all over my body it is wonderful and has really staved off wrinkles in my skin especially seeping my eyes and forehead and lips as wel as my décolleté!! I use it daily and so do all the girls.. it is wonderful stuff

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