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3 Basics of Nutrition For Super Simple Fat Loss

Fundamentals of Nutrition to transform and maintain your body composition in best way possible

basics of nutrition

In this article we will talk about 3 simple basics of nutrition fundamentals that every fitness freak and even professionals use to get shredded, stay shredded, grow muscles and improve athletic and functional performance.

These basics of nutrition will also help you a great deal when it comes to post workout recovery.

One thing I want to point out before coming to the basics of nutrition is that, if you are already lean and under muscle, you might need a different strategy than what I describe below.

So to be clear, this article is geared towards people who want to:

  • Get leaner
  • Build muscle
  • Maintain good body composition

These are general basics of nutrition catering good to eating habits that you need to have good body composition and associated benefits of having a lean and muscular body.

The world of nutrition is very complex and when it comes to diet and nutrition that is perfectly tailored to optimize your individual well being will always vary person to person.

There are many factors such as your age, genetics, activity level, physical and mental etc.

We will just focus on basics that are mostly condition agnostic when it comes to reducing body fat and muscle gain.

Here are 3 basics of nutrition

#1 Only eat real food

Foods that are minimally processed will keep you filled longer and they have good volume to calorie ratio resulting in radically reducing your chances of consuming too many calories.

To nail this part, compare the two meals (both are 1000 calories) in the picture below:

Burger King Double Whooper With Cheese With Sides Gerard Y. / Yelp


1000 Calorie health plate via Anytime Fitness

As you can tell, eating a low volume high calorie meal is super easy and won’t fill you up at all but option number 2 it’s a completely different story.

Read this interesting article that discusses this principle in great detail.

#2 Protein rich foods should be your priority

It is now a well established fact that protein is essential for your muscle growth and it goes without saying that muscle improves our body composition and gradually helps you with metabolism overtime.

Protein fills you up efficiently and more importantly, out of all the macronutrients, it has the highest thermic effect.

To those who don’t know, your body has to consume a lot of calories to digest and process the food with a high thermic effect.

Generally all protein rich foods will fill you faster, hence it is hard for you to overeat them.

Again, these foods will keep you full longer and replace other calories that are highly pleasant, easy to overeat but not good for your health.

Here are few protein rich foods you can incorporate in your diet.

#3 Low meal frequency

There are countless pro fitness athletes that can vouch for this principle aiding them tremendously with gaining lean muscle.

To start with you can reduce your meal frequency to 2 meals per day and or even 1 if it works for you.

By doing this, you can save yourself from mind wrenching calorie counting and weighing your ingredients. In my opinion that is not sustainable and is not a practice that most people can follow.

You won’t feel restrained and you don’t need to give up on your meal before you are not even full.

By reducing the meal frequency you will have no room for snacking.

With snacking out of your way and keeping the first two principles in check, you can eat as much as you like without compromising your fitness goals.

Parting Words

It goes without saying that this is not the be all and end all way to get lean and improve your body composition. You can also achieve the same results by obsessing about calorie counting and weighing the ingredients that go into your meals.

But micromanaging to that level is not for everyone, especially when fitness is not your profession.

That goes without saying that you should always check with a qualified professional before making any changes to your diet, especially if those changes are suggested by someone from the internet via a blog post.

So, those were the basics of nutritions you can apply without losing your soul.

Written by herbalfoo staff