10 Acrylic Nail Designs For You To Impress Everyone

Acrylic nail designs

Nail art is the essence of decent beauty as nails speak volume about you. Traveled through the ancient tales of art and beauty, nail art now has become an ocean of more or less defined sense of self.

After reading our ultimate guide on removing acrylic nails many readers mailed us about nail art inspiration for spicing up their nail art projects. As we love our readers, we couldn’t say no and curated a list of acrylic nail designs that we found fascinating.

Here is our collection for trendy acrylic nail designs for you.

1. Lace Nail Design

Give your nails a classy lacy look to add a distinct charm to your hands.

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What do you need?

  1. Airbrush
  2. Basecoat
  3. Top coat
  4. Acrylic paint
  5. Lace
  6. Dotting Tool

How to apply?

  1. Start with applying a nail base coat and let it dry for few minutes. In the meantime, mix the acrylic paint of your choice with water in a bowl.
  2. Wrap your nail with the lace of any design and airbrush or sponge over it.
  3. Now take off the lace and paint the nail with the transparent nail to add a protective layer.
  4. Clean your skin and you for further enrichment you can also add any cute accessory.

Moving on…

Written by herbalfoo staff

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