5 Best Ketogenic Supplements For 3X Fast Results

Just eating right and working out is not enough to keep your body at its optimum. You need to provide it with micronutrients that are essential for proper functioning.

You must agree that every other brand is shouting about how can they help you with gaining muscle, losing weight and make you more healthier. To be honest most of them exist to pull your hard earned cash out of your wallet.
And before you’ll realize they’ll dig a hole in your pocket.
But thats not the case with every brand. There are some brands that deliver what they say. They don’t just capitalize on trends and consumer your money.
These brands do care about scientific research and test their products thoroughly for results and quality.
One such case is Keto Diet.
I’ve tried a tons of Ketogenic Products since I started keto diet 8 Years back. And I dont plant to stop anytime soon.
During my 8 years of trial and error, I have curated some great great keto products that can significantly accelerate your progress.
Here are my recommendations on best supplements you can use while on Keto Diet
[Disclaimer: if you purchase any of the products using my links, I may earn a small commission without raising the buying price for you]

1 Personalized Multivitamin By TakeCareOf

Trust me guys, This one will be the biggest breakthrough in your weight loss journey. Over the counter multivitamins have one really big issue that not many people talk about. They would dose you with vitamins and minerals irrespective of your body’s requirements.
As a result, putting extra load on our kidney and other nasty stuff. T
TakeCareOf work with you to find the right vitamins, proteins personalize just for your body. No more.. no less.
At first this may not sound like a big deal. But once you start taking those personalized supplements. You will amazing difference in your sleep quality, energy levels and stress levels.
Taking these personalized supplements all gaps in my diet helped me reach my goals faster.
I’ve also negotiated a 25% discount on your first order as Herbalfoo reader.
Use the code “YAY25”

2. Slimtone Keto

This unique product is designed by Alkatone, A company based out of US. It accelerates your weight loss by speeding up ketosis.
You may ask, there are many products that are offering these benefits, what’s so special?
The number one benefit of Slimtone is that it prevents all the side-effects discomforts that once faces while on keto diet. It will prevent most feared Keto Flu. The blend of all natural ingredients in this dietary supplement works perfectly for those who are on keto or low-carb diet. They offer it in 30, 90 and 150 day kits

3. MCT Oil Powder – Keto Coffee Creamer

This is my go to coffee creamer while I am on Keto Diet. I take my coffee first thing in the morning and I want something that will not only give me daily dose of caffeine but also provide following benefits:
  • Increase energy levels
  • Something that helps me suppress my appetite
  • Enhances my mood
  • Burns Fat all day long.
The natural c8 that is found in MCT helps in mobilizing that stubborn fat as energy fuel. It also increase my productivity and performance in gym.

5. Magnesium Citrate 

You have multiple options with Magnesium but one that works best while on keto diet is Magnesium Citrate. Your body absorbs it effortlessly. The only downside is that its little bit expensive than other options but trust me guys it’s worth the money. Because other variants of magnesium’s have very low absorption rate and that makes our body exercet them because of their excess availability.  Best time to take Magnesium Citrate is 30 minutes before bed. 
Recommended dose: 400mg
My recommendation: Slogar Magnesium Citrate

5. Fish Oil By –  Nordic Naturals

Now.. No supplement stack is complete without fish oils. You have two options with them: 

  • Triglyceride Form 
  • Ethyl esters Form  

According to latest research triglyceride form is best of us because it absorption efficiency than ethyl esters. One important thing to look for is EPA and DHA, when buying fish oil. Most cheaper fish oils brands compromise on quantity and quality of omega-3 fatty acids and this makes the whole point of buying fish oil pointless. While there are many brands on amazon that supply great quality but one that I recommend is:

Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega


That was it guys. If you are looking for something else or have any questions, please let me know in comments. 

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